News Release

Mayor Muoio to Meet with Flea Market Vendors


January 9th, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio is scheduled to meet with vendors who work in the 45th Street Flea Market, the spot that has become the focus of a city initiative to reduce crime and violence on the property.

During her weekly media briefing, the Mayor announced plans to meet with flea market merchants. She said the group wanted her to hear directly from them, and Muoio said she is happy to meet with them but they need to understand that whatever happens on the property, it must be safe.

“If you want to continue being a merchant in the flea market, then you need to help us to make sure it is a safe place to be,” Muoio told reporters.


Several shootings have taken place on the market property over the years, the most recent happening in September of last year.  The property itself is actually located in two different cities.  A portion of it is in West Palm Beach, while another portion of the property is in Mangonia Park.

The meeting is scheduled for January 27th.


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