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Project “Open Access” Launches Mayor’s Radio Show




March 7, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio today announced the launching of a new regular radio show intended to provide another opportunity for residents to hear directly from her on issues important to the city.

Beginning Saturday March 8th, “From the Mayor’s Office” will air on the three Seaview Radio stations in Palm Beach County: 106.9FM, 95.9FM & 960AM. ┬áThe fifteen minute show airs Saturday mornings at 8:15am, and Sunday mornings at 7:45am.

The show will also be available on the city’s website




“My goal, whether by using new methods like Twitter and Facebook or more traditional avenues like radio, remains making the people’s government as open and accessible as possible,” said Mayor Muoio. “This show gives listeners a chance to get a snapshot of the topics and issues of the week, and to hear directly from me regarding my thoughts and positions.”


The show is hosted by Seaview Radio’s Barry O’Brien who has a long record of interviewing the area’s movers and shakers.



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