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City Announces New Emergency Plan


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City of West Palm Beach Emergency Management Coordinator Allan Ortman presents new emergency plan to Mayor Muoio and Commissioners.


March 24, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – From a plane crash to a pandemic, the list of possible emergencies that could happen in any city is long and varied.  That’s why cities need a plan to ensure essential services and life-saving help remains up and running when they are needed most.

At Monday’s City Commission work session, the city’s Emergency Management Coordinator previewed an updated response plan that would be in place during a catastrophic event.

“Every disaster is a local disaster,” said City of West Palm Beach Emergency Management Coordinator Allan Ortman. “It’s the city that will be the primary responder in the event of an emergency.”

The plan, called the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, or CEMP is something required by state law, and drafted to ensure it works well with the county’s own emergency plan.

The CEMP provides detailed instructions for every city department, ensuring that city services remain on line during an emergency.  It highlights fourteen various scenarios, from hurricanes to pandemic health outbreaks.  It even provides guidance in the event of a tsunami.

The plan was given to members of the City Commission for their review.  It will need to be approved by a formal vote during an upcoming Commission meeting.


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