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City Reveals It’s Talking Baseball With Two MLB Teams



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March 24, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – The City of West Palm Beach revealed Monday it has been talking to two major league baseball teams about the possibility of using city-owned land for a new baseball stadium.

“I’ve spoken to both the [Houston] Astros and the [Washington] Nationals, and we are continuing our conversation,” West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio said Monday.

The city owns 160 acres of land located near Haverhill Road and 45th Street.

“This is really the best site. ┬áBaseball has said this is a great site,” said Chris Roog, City of West Palm Beach Director of Economic Development.

The site, according to insiders, tops the list of desirable sites across Palm Beach County because of its location and size.

“The [Haverhill] site is both Plan ‘A’ and Plan ‘B’ in the minds of the County,” said City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell.

The new information surrounding the city’s talks with major league teams was part of a discussion surrounding the possible uses for the Haverhill property, including a possible public sports complex and park.

Since the city owns the property, reaching an agreement with a team and the County on the Haverhill site would be less complicated than several other sites around the area.

But Mayor Muoio stressed that while the city owns the land, it would be the County that would take the lead in any talks concerning the construction of a stadium.

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