Mayor Muoio Fights For City Issues In Tallahassee




March 26, 2014


(West Palm Beach, FL) – West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio led a city delegation to the state capitol Tuesday to push for progress on several city issues.

“No city exists in a vacuum.  West Palm Beach, like every other city, depends on funding and resources from other levels of government to accomplish its goals,” said Mayor Muoio. “Sitting down, face to face with the people who make those decisions at the state level is critical to any city’s ability to progress.”

City officials attended a dozen meetings with the heads of various agencies, members of the Governor’s administration, and key legislators on various committees.

Topping the city’s agenda was funding for various economic development initiatives, including the redevelopment of the Broadway corridor.  The city also emphasized in several meetings the importance of finding money to pay for quiet zone railroad crossings in anticipation of the All Aboard Florida service.

“The purpose was to meet with the people who we can’t meet with at home,” said City Administrator Jeff Green. “Getting your projects on the list of what the state will fund is like anything else. If you don’t go and ask, you won’t receive.”




Economic development across the city tops the meeting with Rep. Jimmy Patronis, Chair, Economic Affairs Committee



Meeting with Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto



Talking about the Broadway corridor and quiet zones with Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad
Senate Appropriations Chair Sen. Joe Negron and Mayor Muoio exchange ideas and priorities.
A few minutes between meetings…just enough time to check emails and breaking news.
todd bonlarron
This meeting wasn’t even on the schedule. Spending a few minutes comparing notes with Palm Beach County Legislative Affairs Director Todd Bonlarron.
Palm Beach County Delegation Chair Rep. Patrick Rooney is just one of the several important legislators who represent the West Palm Beach area.
Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater knows the West Palm Beach area better than most.  He was a State Senator from the area before becoming Florida’s CFO!
Spending some critical minutes with Department of Environmental Protection Chief of Staff Leonard “Lennie” Zeiler.