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City Knocks Down Golf Clubhouse





June 5, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – After much discussion and debate over whether to knock down or try to repair the golf clubhouse at the city’s municipal course, demolition crews late last week razed the building which has been a south end neighborhood gathering point since the 1940’s.

Over the past several years, age had caught up to the building which had several public health issues, prompting many discussions over whether to repair or replace the building.

“The clubhouse had mold, termites, asbestos and lead paint issues,” said West Palm Beach City Administrator Jeff Green. “Not only for the sake of the players who use it but also the employees who work there, we felt that the best course of action was to close the building. To fix all the problems to the point where we, as a city, can safely allow people to use it would have been incredibly expensive, and not make financial sense considering the limited number of years we would get out of it.”

The decision to demolish the building followed inspections that indicated the conditions inside the building were unsafe, and the determination that mitigating and repairing the clubhouse would not add enough additional useful years to justify the expense of repair.

The cost of the demolition was just under $100,000, while the estimated cost to address all the issues and repair the building was over $3 million dollars.

Discussions on how to replace the clubhouse are on-going.  There currently is not sufficient funding available to rebuild a permanent clubhouse at this point. A temporary structure is already on the site to serve golfers.  The discussion on a more long term solution will continue among city leaders and staff.

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