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No Property Tax Rate Increase Coming in West Palm Beach




July 7, 2014


(West Palm Beach, FL) – Homeowners in the City of West Palm Beach will not face higher city property tax rates this year, and could actually see a city property tax rate cut.

Monday, as she opened the city’s first budget work session of the¬†year, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio emphasized one of her top priorities and directives to staff is to avoid any increase in the city’s property tax rate, and that is now exactly what will happen.

During Monday’s meeting, the city set the maximum possible millage rate for this year’s tax bills at the same rate as the current year.

“Today’s action means our residents will not face any increase in their city property tax rate this year, and they could actually see their rate drop when we are done with the budget process,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio.

As the city works on its 2015 fiscal year budget, the highest the millage rate can now be is 8.3465%, the same as the current year.

Mayor Muoio also announced her plans for an extraordinarily open budget process. She revealed plans for five community neighborhood budget meetings, a twitter town hall, and an online budget blog that would allow residents to record how they would spend tax dollars.

The first public hearing on the 2015 budget will be September 11th.

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