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FSU Students Send Strong Message to Board of Governors

“If you wish to speak on our behalf, speak to us first.” FSU students to the Board of Governors   (West Palm Beach, FL) – The Florida State University students enrolled in the West Palm Beach Digital Arts program have written to the Florida Board of Governors regarding what they call “the false representation and […]

WPB Sends Letter to State: We Want Some FSU Answers

(West Palm Beach, FL) – In a letter just sent to the Florida State Board of Governors, the City of West Palm Beach wants to know exactly what the plan is for Florida State University’s Animation and Digital Arts Program. Last week, some members of the Board of Governors discussed the possibility of pulling the […]

City to Move on New Commitment to Keep FSU in WPB

(West Palm Beach, FL) – After months of ongoing discussions between the City of West Palm Beach and Florida State University, the City on Monday is expected to take the first major steps towards ensuring FSU remains in the City. On Monday, the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is expected to move forward on plans […]

WPB Officially Reclaims Digital Domain Land

WPB Mayor Jeri Muoio talking to news media today after making it official:   The deal is signed, sealed and delivered by the Mayor. The land once again belongs to the City Read the entire agreement by clicking the link below.   Watch as Mayor Muoio heads over to file the official paperwork: (West Palm […]

WPB & Digital Domain Agree on Proposal to Restore Land

The City of West Palm Beach presented the proposal today in court. All the parties have agreed in principle. It now goes before the judge for approval.   (West Palm Beach, FL) – Today, in front of a bankruptcy judge in Delaware, the City of West Palm Beach announced the parties involved in the Digital […]

City Releases Three Years of Digital Domain Audit Reports

Early Report Expressed Concern Over Digital Domain. More Recent Report Did Not. Both Reports are available here for the public to read. (West Palm Beach, FL) – Today the City of West Palm Beach released to the public two more documents that were part of the mountain of information used to evaluate Digital Domain.The release […]

City releases hundreds of pages of Digital Domain Investigations

(West Palm Beach, Florida) – Before entering into an agreement with Digital Domain to create a digital animation education program, the City of West Palm Beach hired outside investigators to conduct several background checks of Digital Domain, former DD CEO John Textor, Mr. Textor’s associates and other business ventures. The result was 233 pages contained […]

Hear directly from key people in Digital Domain story

Three key players answer FAQ’s on Digital Domain On September 14th, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, West Palm Beach Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell and West Palm Beach City Attorney Claudia McKenna sat down to answer questions about Digital Domain. The interviews were video taped, but not immediately made public because of concerns that any public […]

An open response to a Palm Beach Post request

As part of its ongoing coverage of the Digital Domain story, the Palm Beach Post has made numerous requests for information from the City of West Palm Beach. Its desire to follow up on this story is both appropriate and completely within its rights. In addition to answering all questions during a recent news conference, […]

WPB Files Its Argument for the Digital Domain Property

West Palm Beach, FL (September 25, 2012) – Today the City of West Palm Beach filed papers with the Bankruptcy court establishing its right to the automatic return of the City’s “Tent” site property involved in the Digital Domain story. The hearing on the motion is currently scheduled for October 10th, 2012. READ THE ACTUAL […]

West Palm Beach Property Excluded From DD Sale

West Palm Beach, FL (September 25, 2012) – At the request of the City of West Palm Beach legal team in a Delaware bankruptcy court, it was confirmed today that the sale of the California and Canadian assets of Digital Domain excluded the West Palm Beach property involved in the Digital Domain agreement. The language […]

Statement regarding today’s Digital Domain auction

It is our understanding, according to court documents that today’s auction in New York involving Digital Domain is for company assets in California and Canada, and does not include any Florida assets. Mayor Jeri Muoio and city legal teams in both West Palm Beach and Delaware are  monitoring developments and are continuing to work to […]

Info regarding the meeting between WPB & Digital Domain’s Textor

September 20, 2012 Yesterday, the City of West Palm Beach confirmed there was a meeting held September 10, 2012 between the City and John Textor, formerly with Digital Domain. The meeting included West Palm Beach City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell, City Attorney Claudia McKenna, CRA Executive Director Kim Breisemeister and John Textor. It was one of […]

Mayor Jeri Muoio’s Digital Domain News Conference – UNCUT

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio held a news conference today to answer any and all questions about the City’s agreements with Digital Domain. Below is the news conference in its entirety, uncut and unedited. Mayor Muoio covered several issues in her statement, then took all questions from media. Following her opening remarks, reporters asked […]

FSU film school classes CONTINUE – Don’t let news reports confuse you

There’s a news story out there that Digital Domain has suspended it’s WPB classes.   These ARE NOT the classes that are run by FSU.   The FSU-accredited program is open, and FSU says they plan on keeping their film school program right here in WPB. Don’t be confused by the news report. It’s the […]

BREAKING NEWS – Digital Domain Exec acknowledges WPB entitled to land back

This just in…. Michael Katzenstein, Chief Restructuring Officer for Digital Domain Media Group, has stated in sworn documents filed with the bankruptcy court today (9/11/12) that the City’s land will revert back to the City if certain conditions are not met by December 31, 2012. The sworn statement also acknowledges that , as of today, […]

Just the facts: West Palm Beach & Digital Domain

As has been reported, the City of West Palm Beach entered into a relationship with Florida State University and Digital Domain to create a film school program here in the City. That school is currently open and running. In an effort to provide the facts about that relationship, we invite you to click below and […]