Things You Need to Know About Moonfest

halloween night


October 24, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – The City of West Palm Beach invites you to enjoy this year’s MoonFest celebration.

Please keep in mind these few rules and guidelines:

  1. MoonFest is a gated, age 21 and over event.
  2. All visitors will be required to produce proof of age, and will receive a wristband to access the event.
  3. The city will be enforcing a 9:00pm curfew on October 25th for anyone under the age of 18 not accompanied by an adult.
  4. Finally, since MoonFest is an adult event serving alcohol, the city urges everyone attending to select a designed driver to ensure a safe trip home.


What are the security policies?

To ensure the best possible guest experience during this event, please observe the following:

  1. Glass, plastic, food, drinks , weapons and illegal substances prohibited
  2. Bags and purses will be searched
  3. Disruptions may result in ejection
  4. Your Cooperation is appreciated



  1. Metal, plastic, glass containers of any kind
  2. Backpacks and large bags
  3. Food and beverages
  4. Weapons and Illegal substances



MoonFest is a private event.  For tickets, visit their website: