Mayor Jeri Muoio’s Tallahassee Itinerary



Mayor Muoio heads to Tallahassee this week

Just a few days after returning from Washington DC to fight for federal funding for firefighters, police equipment and promise zones, Mayor Muoio is heading to Tallahassee on Monday for a series of meetings with state agencies and lawmakers.

Like her agenda for Washington DC, the hot topics for Mayor Muoio’s Tallahassee trip include State Road 7 & funding to support public safety.

There is ONLY ONE place to follow details of the trip, the meetings and the talks:


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Below is a list of scheduled meetings as part of the city’s Tallahassee trip:

Mayor’s Tallahassee Itinerary


 Meeting with Senator Alan Hays

 Meeting with Florida League of Cities

 Meeting with Representative Dennis Baxley

 Meeting with Frank Collins, Economic Advisor for Gov. Scott

 Meeting with Representative Pat Rooney

 Meeting with DEP Secretary Jonathan Steverson

Meeting with Representative Bobby Powell

Meeting with House Majority Leader Dana Young,

Meeting with Andrew MacIntosh

Meeting with CFO Jeff Atwater

Meeting with Representative Lori Berman

Meeting with Commissioner Adam Putnam