Report of ECR plant railing raises questions


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June 22, 2015

(West Palm Beach, FL) – A report of a loose railing in an area where employees no longer routinely work is the subject of an inquiry at the East Central Regional Water Reclamation plant.

A key question is why were employees in an area that, because of new automated procedures, is no longer part of their work routine?

On Monday, an employee reported a loose railing in an area of the plant known as the “splitter box.”

There was no incident or accident.

But thanks to new automated procedures put in place after a plant employee was killed in January, the area is no longer part of operations employees’ work day.

In addition, since January new safety inspection procedures have also been put in place. A safety inspector had already discovered and documented the railing. But because of its location, and because operations employees are no longer needed to be there, inspectors determined the railing was not an immediate risk.

Now, among the questions being asked: Why were employees in the area?