Governor veto cuts Broadway improvement dollars



June 24, 2015

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Funding to improve West Palm Beach’s Broadway corridor was cut Tuesday as Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed various state spending projects.

The city was counting on $400,000 from Tallahassee to fund business improvements up and down the city’s north end.

For several months, the city has been working on developing a series of grants for Broadway businesses to enhance their buildings and improve a key entranceway into the city.

Fourteen grants, which require a combination of public and private dollars, have already been approved and the city’s CRA is currently working on getting estimates for the work and finding contractors to do it.

City officials say the work will still happen and the grant program will continue, thanks to a commitment by the city to make up the $400,000 that was cut by the Governor’s veto. But CRA execs say the net result will be having to find the dollars somewhere else in the budget and take them away from other programs to fund the Broadway grants.