City To Hand Off Running Some Housing Programs




December 1, 2014

(West Palm Beach, FL) – On the job less than a month, the Mayor’s new housing chief in West Palm Beach is already announcing some significant changes.

Armando Fana, hired by West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio last month, says he is looking to outsource the administration of some housing assistance programs to the Palm Beach County Housing Authority.

Specifically, Fana announced his plans to work with the PBCHA to take over a program that provides tenant based rental assistance to eligible households under the HOPWA program. HOPWA provides assistance to individuals diagnosed as being HIV positive.

Fana also talked about using outside providers to handle monitoring of other programs.

Monitoring has been a recurring issue in the city’s Housing and Community Development (HCD) Department for over a decade.

Earlier this year, Mayor Muoio terminated a contract with an outside organization brought in to improve the department, saying their lack of progress was unacceptable.

Since then, Mayor Muoio ordered the position of HCD Director be moved to report directly to her, and she hired Fana, who was the Federal government’s housing chief in Miami.

Calling monitoring an historic “weak spot,” Fana told members of the City Commission today he is looking to have the Palm Beach County Housing Authority take over administration of programs that provide rental assistance across the city.

He also revealed several other priorities for the department, including developing a plan to sell off several vacant properties owned by the city. The city has spent several months developing an inventory list of city-owned properties. Fana called the disposal of┬áthose properties a “big priority.”