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Application to Serve on City Boards, Committees & Commissions
The application will be utilized in considering individuals for appointment to a City board, committee or commission.
For up to date information please contact the contact person listed in each board/committee.
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Please return your completed form to:
Office of the Mayor
P.O. Box 3366 West Palm Beach, FL 33402

Art In Public Places Committee

Meets: 1st Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm: Upcoming Meetings

Description: Ordinance No. 4411-12 amending the code to expand the membership at Sec. 78-121(a) membership consists 7 members and 2 alternate members appointed by the Mayor. Revised April 23, 1986, effective November 21, 1991, creating Article VIII, Chapter 26, Sections 26-151 & 26-152 of the Code. Committee consists of seven members serving three-year terms who shall advise the City Commission on acquisition, commissioning and maintenance of works of art in public places. This committee is strictly advisory. Ordinance No. 1882-85 limits appointments to three complete terms, unless succesive appointment in public interest.

Contact: Sybille Welter

Phone Number: (561) 822-1521

Members of this Board:
Biagi, Angela
Pascucci, Marisa
Widmar, Mia
Growick, Philip
Hoch, Rand
St.Croix, Robert

Audit Committee

Meets: Meetings will be held the third Friday of each month 8:30 A.M. Upcoming Meetings

Description: An audit committee established (1) to consult with the internal auditor regarding technical issues and to work to assure maximum coordination between the work of the internal auditor’s office and the needs of the city commission, the mayor, and departments and (2) to coordinate the external audit efforts. An Audit Committee shall be comprised of five (5) voting members; the mayor or mayor’s designee, the president of the City Commission, and three (3) at-large members who shall be appointed by the City Commission. The at-large members shall be city residents with expertise in auditing preferably internal or management auditing and at least two (2) of whom shall be a certified public accountant or a certified internal auditor. Appointments shall be staggered for terms of three years. The president of the City Commission shall be appointed as chairperson of the audit committee.

Contact:Roger Strout

Phone Number:561/822-1382

Members of this Board:
Moffett, Sylvia
Camacho, Peter
Rosenstein, David
Turnquest, Sandra Close
Williams-Smith, Carolyn

Civil Service Board

Meets: 1st Wednesday of each month at 2:00 PM

Description: Effective October 9, 1991, City Code, Article VI, Sections 2-335 to 337. Compose of five members and one alternate to serve appointed by the City Commission. Members and alternate must be residents and qualified elector of the City

Contact: Jose Luis Rodriguez

Phone Number: (561) 494-1000

Members of this Board:
Shipman, Alfred
Peters, Janie
Willoughby, Kathy
Carter, Michael T.

Community Redevelopment Agency

Meets: Please contact City Clerk’s Office for meeting information.

Description: Created by Ordinance No. 1804-84, (09/10/84), amended by Ordinance No. 1907-85, (10/21/85) amended by Ordinance No. 2500-91. The Board of Commissioners of the Community Redevelopment Agency established pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 163.357 of the CRA of 1969, shall consist of six members, to include the Mayor and five City Commissioners.

Contact: Hazeline Carson

Phone Number: 561/822-1210

Members of this Board:
James, Keith
Muoio, Jeri
Ryan, Paula
Neering, Corey
Moffett, Sylvia
Materio, Shanon L.

Community Redevelopment Area Advisory Board

Meets: Last Friday of every month at 8:00am

Description: By Resolution 00-56 CRA created this advisory board in the Northwood/Pleasant City Area for the purpose of assisting the Agency in the formulation and implementation of plans and programs consistent with the Community Redevelopment Act.

Contact: Jon Ward

Phone Number: (561) 822-1450

Members of this Board:
Howe, Michael
Adams, Charles
Cleary, Jr., John B.
Greene, J. Russell
Doran, Rhea D.
Myers, Michele Solange
Winter, Douglas G.
Williams, T. Denise
Pick, Robert

Construction Board Of Adjustments & Appeals

Meets: Every third Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m.

Description: Established November 21, 1991, Section III, Southern Standard Building Code, 1976 Edition (Ordinance No. 1397-78, May 15, 1978), Section 7-1 of City Code. The Board shall hear all appeals concerning interpretations and enforcement of this Code and the technical codes, including those involving only the building code as specified in Florida Statutes 553.73(8)(b). In addition, any person aggrieved by any provisions set forth in this Code may seek administrative relief through the Board. Board shall consist of seven members who shall serve 3 year terms. The Board shall be composed of individuals with knowledge and experience of the technical codes and in the field of construction. Members shall consist of one (l) registered architect; one (1) registered engineer; one (1) building contractor; one (1) electrical contractor; one (1) mechanical contractor; one (1) plumbing contractor; and one (1) roofing contractor.

Contact: Robert Brown

Phone Number: 561/805-6652

Members of this Board:
Stellino, Michael J.
Hyman, Michael
Canavan, Daniel T.
Rowe, Larry B.
Fennell, Everett C.
McCarthy, Thomas J.

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

Meets: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am

Description: Established by Ordinance No. 2463-91. Seven Members, city residents, two year terms. Membership to reflect ethnic and cultural diversity of City population. Appointed by Mayor. Render periodic advice to City Commission regarding crime prevention and reduction, law enforcement deployment and techniques, and community education in criminal justice matters

Contact: Bryan Kummerlen

Phone Number: (561) 822-1616

Members of this Board:
Warnecke, Ronald E.
Poole, Ph.D., Deandre J.
Morrison, Beverly Elliott
Loyless, Jennifer B.
Peduzzi, Joseph A.
Jones, Michelle
Smykla, John Ortiz

Downtown Action Committee (dac)

Meets: Every second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m., City Commission Chambers, City Hall

Description: Established to simplify and facilitate the permitting process within Downtown Overlay Zone (DOZ). Authorized to 1) Review all improvements on public and private land in DOZ, including the construction, reconstruction, alteration, demolition, and rehabilitation of new and existing buildings and appurtenances; 2) Approve the conditions or deny an application; 3) Supervise the equitable distribution and redistribution of the building area designated and to keep a record of such transaction that may be required by the ADRI; 4) Consider the status of existing non-conforming buildings when brought for permitting at the PZB Dept.; and 5) Retain the City’s Preservationist as a part-time consultant to assess the value of buildings submitted for demolition. Members appointed by the Mayor as follows: one (1) registered architect; one (1) registered landscape architect; two (2) property owners in DWPB (one a residential property owner and one a commercial property owner); and one (1) developer, real estate agent or builder. DAC staff shall also include heads of the following or their appointed representative as non-voting members: Downtown Development Authority (DDA), the City’s Planning, Zoning and Building Department, Engineering and Public Works Department, and Police Department. Mayor shall appoint a Chair and a Vice Chair. Original terms staggered – 2 members serve for 1 year, 4 members for 2 years and 1 member for 3 years. Reappointments are made for 3 years. Downtown Action Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Contact: Ana Maria Aponte

Phone Number: (561) 822-1439

Members of this Board:
Janssen, Roger P.
Crossen, Joseph
Mihelich, Nick
Harris, Timothy K.
David, Tiffany L.
Saladrigas, Raphael F.
O’Brien, Barry J.
Groh,Carol A

Downtown Development Authority

Meets: The third Tuesday of every month at 8:30am at the DDA Board Room, 301 Clematis Street, Suite 200

Description: Created by Florida House Bill No. 1029 and resolution No. 8-67. Appointed by the Mayor with ratification by the City Commission. Members shall serve three year terms and reside in or have principal place of business in the City. Members shall not serve a City officer or employee, and shall be an owner of realty within the downtown area, a lessee thereof required by the lease to pay taxes thereon, or a director, officer, or managing agent of an owner or of a lessee thereof so required to pay taxes thereon. The Mayor and City Commission shall appoint new members within ten days after a vacancy occurs. New 1993 legislation provides for expansion of the Board from five to seven members

Contact: Raphael Clemente

Phone Number: (561) 833-8873

Members of this Board:
Sanders, Robert
Shabazz-Phillips, Upendo
Fowlkes, Clint
Hansen, Jr, James W
Hurley-Lane, Mary
Pincus, Howard A
Samuels, Robert

Education Advisory Committee

Meets: Every fourth Wednesday each month at 6:00 p.m.

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 3274-99, Repeal of Ordinance 2465-91. Ordinance No. 4043-07 Amended Section 2-77 to provide for the appointment of one (1) Alternate member, changing the composition to ten ( 10 )members, appointed by the Mayor for two years. Three (3) of the members shall be high school students in their junior year to serve a two year term. EAC members shall represent education, neighborhood associations, local business, and community based organizations which can contribute to the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of the City. Vacancies shall be filled within thirty days in the same manner as original appointments.

Contact: Phyllis Brooks

Phone Number: (561) 822-1390

Members of this Board:
Harrison-Nelson, Annie
Diaz, Susy
Killets, Ann
Rivil, Lukens F.
Barto, Claudia Kirk

Employee Deferred Compensation Advisory Committee (457)

Meets:For meeting details contact Patricia Brosamer at 561/494-1013

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 3585-02. Repealed Section 8 of Ordinance No. 2761-94. Consisting of seven members: One employee representing and selected by each union except that the two unions representing sworn police officers shall be represented by only one employee; one employee representing and selected by the non-union represented employees; one employee representing the Human Resources Department and selected by the Human Resources Director; one employee representing management and selected by the Mayor.

Contact:Patricia Brosamer

Phone Number: 561/494-1013

Members of this Board:
Wilder, Alden C.
Deputy City Adm., Dorritt Miller,
Rodriguez, Jose Luis
McConnell, Richard
Collins, Janice Long
Penque, Louis
Bolton, Mary Kimberly

Employee Defined Contribution Administrative Committee (401a)

Meets:For meeting details contact Patricia Brosamer at 561/494-1013

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 3584-02, Repeal of Ordinance No. 2761-94. Consisting of 5 members: The Finance Director as Chairperson, one management employee appointed by the Mayor, the Human Resources Director or designee and two employees who are the participants of this retirement plan and elected by the participants for two year staggered terms

Contact: Patricia Brosamer

Phone Number: 561/494-1013

Members of this Board:
McDermott, Linda
Parks, Mark
Deputy City Adm., Dorritt Miller,
Rodriguez, Jose Luis
Lisa, Hathaway

Employees Defined Benefit Retirement System Board Of Trustees

Meets:Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Description:Established through Section 2-269 – 2-274, City Code. Composed of 7 trustees as follows: Ex-officio: mayor or mayor’s designee; director of finance or designee; employee relations manager; and 3 employee who are members of this retirement system and elected by members of the system from separate departments and one citizen who shall be an elector and freeholder of the City who is not eligible to benefit by the system shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the City Commission. Elected members shall serve three year terms, one such term to expire annually. The secretary shall be appointed by the Board on recommendation of the personnel department and the Board may appoint an administrative officer.

Contact: J. Scott Baur

Phone Number:561/624-3277

Members of this Board:
Parks, Mark A.
Rodriguez, Jose Luis
Miller, Dorritt
Rodgers, Benny E.
Pinder, Leon
Brandenburg, Mary

Firemen’s Pension Board Of Trustees

Meets: 3nd Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm

Description:Created by Article 1, Section 17 of the Charter-Related Special Laws. Amended by Florida Statute 175.061, stating the board shall be composed of five members, two of whom are residents of the municipality and appointed by the Mayor, two of whom shall be full-time firefighters elected by a majority of the previous four and shall submit that person’s name to the legislative body for appointment. Terms shall be for two years beginning October 1, 1986

Contact: Scott Barr

Phone Number: (561) 624-3277

Members of this Board:
Parks, Mark
Frano, Ronald A.
Montante, Gaetano
Walker, Brian
Merrell, David

Golf Commission

Meets: Every second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

Description:The golf course advisory committee shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor and shall serve without compensation. Ordinance amended on April 2005 to add two alternate positions appointed by the Mayor.

Contact: Dorritt Miller

Phone Number: (561) 822-1400

Members of this Board:
Goldstein, Dennis S.
Littles, Robbie T.
Shipman, Alfred J.
Jensen, Bonni S.
Fleming, Mary
Mailloux, Scott
Juliano, Barbara
Kimmel, Dr. Bernard

Historic Preservation Board

Meets: Every fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m., Commission Chambers, City Hall

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 2815-95 effective February 13, 1995. Board consist of seven members and two alternates who shall be appointed by the Mayor and who shall be residents of the City for at least one year prior to appointment. A minimum of two appointees shall be chosen from among the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, archaeology, landscape architecture or planning. A minimum of two additional members of the Board shall be experienced in the areas of commercial development or real estate, banking or law. A fifth appointee and the two alternates shall be from any of the foregoing professions. The sixth and seventh appointees shall be citizen members at large. All members shall have demonstrated a special interest, experience or knowledge in history, architecture, or related disciplines. Members of the Board shall serve three year terms. Of the initial appointments, four members shall be appointed for a term of three years and three members shall be appointed for a term of two years.

Contact: Friederike Mittner

Phone Number: (561) 822-1457

Members of this Board:
Ferguson, Gwendolyn
Kammerer, Christopher
Serrano, William
Herrick, Amanda S.
Rodriguez, Jose I.
Kellogg, Kristin H.
Cullen, Linda
Aspegren, Theodora
Kino, Donald E

Library Advisory Board

Meets: Every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 1194-72, Section 17-4, City Code. Members must be resident of the City. Consisting of seven members serving three-year terms and appointed by the Mayor. Chair Person of the board shall notify the Mayor when a member misses three consecutive meetings or fails to attend 60 percent of the board meetings.

Contact: Chris Murray

Phone Number: (561) 868-7717

Datena, Mabel
Conley-Harding, Leesa
Coyle, Ginny L.
Peppers, Andrea
Parry, Leo R.
Castillo, Shaun M.

Nuisance Abatement Board

Meets: 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m., Commission Chambers, City Hall

Description:Created by Ordinance No. 2181-88. Consists of five members, appointed by the Mayor, who shall reside or maintain a business in the City. Chairman shall be an attorney duly licensed by the State with trial experience. Two year terms. May not be reappointed for more than three consecutive terms and appointments to fill a vacancy shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Upcoming Hearing Dates

Contact:Dana Collier Herst

Phone Number: (561) 822-1363

Members of this Board:
Currier, Romin
McBride, Elizabeth Threatt
Medina, Raul
Mentser, Alan D.
Morrison, Beverly Elliott

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

Meets: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm. in Room 519, City Hall

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 3292-00 amending Chapter 21 of the City of West Palm Beach Code. The PRAC shall be composed of nine regular members appointed by the Mayor for terms of two (2) years. The first committee to serve shall be appointed so that four members shall serve one (1) year terms, and five members shall serve two year terms.

Contact: Leah Rockwell

Phone Number: (561) 804-4904

Members of this Board:
Pavlik, Cheri
Braun, Rod A.
Douglass, Perry
Waldron, Katherine
Richardson, Gregory
Ream, David Alexander
Cullen, Linda
Burdick, Gregory
Sned, Patricia J.
Odum, Michael R.

Planning Board

Meets: Every third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., Commission Chambers, City Hall

Description:Article II, Section 33-11(b), Zoning Code, November 21, 1991. Composed of seven members and one alternate, who shall be electors of the City. The Mayor shall appoint each member for a three year term. If a vacancy occurs, the Mayor within 20 days may fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. Alternate to act in absence, disability, or disqualification of a regular member. Removal of board members is done by the Mayor as per Charter Section 3.01. Ordinance No. 2709-94 allows Planning Board to review and discuss all proposed abandonments that are within newly proposed planned development districts. Renewal can be done by the Mayor per Section 3.01 of the Charter.

Contact: Angella Jones-Vann

Phone Number: (561) 822-1441

Members of this Board:
Bakst, Michael R.
R. Raing, Deborah G.
Pivko,AIA, Peter C.
Paradelo, Andres E.
McLeod, Todd
Weiss, Gregg
Mayans, Steve
Usher, Angela D.

Police Pension Board Of Trustees

Meets: On-call

Description:Created by Article 1, Section 16 3(a), City Charter, Related laws, amended by Florida Statutes 185.05, May 23, 1990. The Board shall consist of five members, two of whom shall be legal residents of the municipality appointed by the City, two shall be police officers elected by the majority of the police officers who are members of the plan. The fifth member shall be selected by the previous four members and that name shall be submitted to the City for appointment.

Contact: David M. Williams

Phone Number: (561) 471-0802

Members of this Board:
White, Wilton
Frost, Jack
Ahern, Joseph
Marchese, Troy L.
Kahle, Craig U.

Small Business Committee

Meets:For meeting information contact Tiffany McCray at 561/822-1277

Description:Established by Ordinance No. 3366-00. Consisting of seven ( 7) members appointed by the Mayor. Members shall serve for staggered terms of three (3) years. Initially three (3) members shall be appointed for a term of (3) years, two (2) members shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years, and two (2) members shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointments for the remainder of the vacant term. Each member shall serve without compensation and may be removed by the Mayor without cause. All members must be residents of Palm Beach County.
Committee Duties: 1)To consider and decide any appeals of the Small Business Division Manager’s decision to: a) not certify, b) not recertify, or c) decertify a person, firm, or business pursuant to this Ordinance. 2) To review proposed changes to this Ordinance and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Commission. The only actions, decisions, and recommendations of the committee that shall be binding on the City shall be the Small Business Committee’s decision regarding appeals related to certification, decertification, and recertification.

Contact: Tiffany M. Neilly-McCray

Phone Number: (561) 822-1277

Members of this Board:
Daddona, Philip
Thomas-Anthony, Tammy S.
Schwartz, Seth
Burdick, Geoffrey C.
Contreras, Elena E.
Sullivan, Thais R.
Zahniser, Alyce V.

Sustainability Advisory Committee

Meets:The first Tuesday of the month starting at 4:00

Description: Refer to ordinance No. 4298-10. Sec.2-113 Composition;appointment;terms: The sustainability advisory committee shall be composed of nine regular members appointed by the mayor for terms of 2 years, except that the members of first committee to serve shall be appointed so that 4 members shall serve one-year terms, and 5 members shall serve two-year terms.

General goals of the committee include:

(a) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, and employ environmentally-responsible products and technologies.

(b) Promote the use of methods, systems and materials that do not deplete natural land, water, and energy resources or harm natural cycles.

(c) Encourage the growth of green businesses and green jobs within the city, as well as the adoption of sustainable practices by existing businesses.

(d) Empower every resident of the city, regardless of social demographics or economic means, by informing city residents of practical and attainable ways to live sustainably.

(e) Lead by example as a green municipality.

(f) Work cooperatively with leaders in the nonprofit and academic communities, the private sector, the State of Florida, the Federal government and local governments throughout Palm Beach County and South Florida in matters relating to sustainability.

(g) Encourage sustainability as an integral part of the future development of the city.

(h) Develop and implement a city-wide sustainability action plan.

We thank the Sustainability Advisory Committee for their willingness to serve (and sustain!) our City!

Contact: Penni Redford

Phone Number: (561) 804-4981

Members of this Board:
Rice, John “Jack”.
Jadunandan, Jonathan
Mejia, Isidro Raul
Stempler, Mark J.
Crampton, Lewis
Bosley, Jr., Stewart W.
Fuller, Chanda
Gittere, Dan
Parnell, Melissa

Traffic Calming Advisory Committee

Meets:1-2 times a year depending on the number of cases

Description:Established as an advisory body to the City. It shall consist of 11 members who shall be appointed by the Mayor. Members shall include the following from City staff: director of public utilities, transportation engineer, traffic engineer, transportation planner, operations and maintenance superintendent (streets), a fire department representative, a police traffic operations representative, or other staff appointed by the Mayor. A Palm Tran representative shall also be a committee member. Three members shall be citizens who reside within the city appointed by the Mayor. Members of the committee shall be appointed for a term of three years, unless removed by the Mayor. Any vacancy shall be filled by the Mayor for the remainder of the unexpired time. Members shall be deemed to continue to hold office until a succesor has been appointed.

Contact: Brian Collins

Phone Number: (561) 494-1076

Members of this Board:
Dang, Khanh Uyen
Fleming, Bruce
Gribble, Jim E.
Wiggs, Emily
Conboy, Tom
Warren, Elizabeth
James, Charles S.
Collins, Brian A.

Water Advisory Board

Meets: 1st Thursday of each month from 4-6pm

Description: See Ordinance No. 4427-12 amending and restating the code of ordinances of the City of WPB, FL at Chapter 90 (utilitites), Article VI (Water Advisory Board) to consolidate the Water Advisory Board, the Stormwater Utility Board and the Water Catchment Area Advisory Committee; providing for a codification clause, a conflicts clause, a a severability clause; providing an effective date; and for other purposes. -Sec. 90-247 MEMBERSHIP COMPOSITION: 9 regular members appointed by the mayor for terms of 2 years, except that the members of the first established board to serve shall be appointed so that five members shall serve for 1year and four members shall serve for two- year terms.

Contact: Scott Kelly

Phone Number: 561/494-1060

Members of this Board:
Munksgaard, Donald G.
Cooper, Jonathan
Coniglio, Gail L.
Sain, Eric
Levine, Terry
Schack, Myles
Haywood, Kenyetta V.

West Palm Beach Housing Authority

Meets: the third Wednesday of every month at 4:00 p.m.

Description:Consists of five members serving four year terms. Secretary of the Housing Authority calls these appointments to the attention of the Mayor. Appointments made by the Mayor with approval of the governing body. State Statute allows Mayor to expand committee to seven members

Contact: Laurel Robinson

Phone Number: (561) 655-8530

Members of this Board:
Barlow, Malaika C.
Scruggs, Zenobia
Smith-Barnes, Denise
Nardoni, Ren
Ryles, Richard A.
Camacho, Peter

Zoning Board Of Appeals

Meets: Every first Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m., Commission Chambers, City Hall

Description:June 25, 1992, Three-year term, Article II, Section 33-11(c), Zoning Code. Composed of five members and two alternates who are residents of the City and appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term. A vacancy shall be filled by the City Commission within 20 days for the remainder of the unexpired term. Member shall continue until respective term expires and a successor is appointed. A member may be removed by the City Commission for cause upon written charges and after a public hearing.

Contact: Angella Jones-Vann

Phone Number: (561) 822-1441

Members of this Board:
Heggen, Christopher
Lambert, Monte
Jacks, Dorothy
Carman, James M.
Franks, Rae C.
Steinberg, Alan
Holtz, Scott