North end gets increase in police patrols

As the summer nears, WPB PD is stepping up patrols.

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Another round of All Aboard Florida road closings on the way

Get ready for another week of road closures by All Aboard Florida.

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The City of West Palm Beach provides a comprehensive fringe benefit package which includes city-paid health, dental, life, & vision insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation and sick leave and eleven paid holidays.



Health insurance:  Details of insurance benefits relayted to your position can be found in one of the following benefits guides:  2015-2016 General Employee Benefit Highlights,  2015-2016 Police Employee Benefit Highlights or Space holder for IFFA.  Current account holders can log on to CIGNA Health Care.

Life insurance:  The City provides life insurance through the Hartford in the amount of the employee’s annual base salary. Employee’s have the option of purchasing additional life insurance up to three times the employees’ annual base salary. Visit the Hartford website for additional information.

Cafeteria Plan:  Employees may participate in the Dependent Care and Un-reimbursed Medical Expense Plans on a pre-tax basis. Download the “Request for Reimbursement” form. Follow the instructions on the top of the form when submitting the form to AFLAC.


Finance & Retirement

Retirement Plans:  Employees are enrolled in a mandatory 401(a) defined contribution plan upon completion of probation or as noted in a collective bargaining agreement. 7.5 % of the general employees’ earnings will be deducted for contributions to their accounts. The City will match the deductions. General employees are immediately 100% vested and the plan is portable.  Employees may also participate in an optional 457 Deferred Comp plan. Maximum employees contribution will vary per year. You can learn about all these plans by visiting the Great-West Retirement Services website.  Click here to Enroll in the 457 Deferred Comp Program.  You can also click here to Add/Change beneficiaries for 401(a) or 457.

Direct Deposit:  All City employees must choose between Direct Deposit or PayAccess. With either method employees’ pay will be available as of 8:00 am on payday even in the event of natural disasters (hurricanes), illness, vacation, or other events. Direct Deposit is the automated deposit of employees’ paycheck to the checking or savings account designated by the employee. In the event employees are unable to obtain a tradional bank account (checking/savings); the City’s corporate bank will provide employees with a PayAccess Account.  Download the direct deposit signup form.

Credit Union:  As an employee of the City of West Palm Beach, you are eligible to join one of the premier financial institutions in the City, First Choice Credit Union.  Open your savings and checking account with First Choice Credit Union and your first box of checks is FREE! Plus, if you bring in your old checks from your previous checking account, First Choice Credit Union will pay you $2.00 for each book – up to $10.00! For employees' families, there are several programs, including the Starfish Savers Club, Kids Car Loans and more.  Visit the First Choice Credit Union’s website.

Corporate Discounts:  Check out City of West Palm Beach Discounts or if you have Lotus Notes you can view the current discounts available by accessing the City Bulletin Board. Once in the City Bulletin Board, click “Category” under the “News by” section on the left side of the page.  Once you have sorted by category select “HUMAN RESOURCES” on the right side to expand the news items. Look for a posting with the subject of, “Employee Discount Program” preceded by the name of the current month.

Defined Benefits:  Click here to download information on the Defined Benefits and Pension Plan.



Leave:   Employee sick leave is accumulated at a rate of 3.69 hours each pay period, while an employee is in pay status. Employees become eligible to use sick leave after three months of continuous employment. Annual leave is earned according to the following schedule:
Years of Service Annual Days Accrued
01-04 13
05-09 17
10-14 20
15-19 21
20+ 22

Long Term Disability:  Long Term Disability is provided to certain employee groups, for income protection in the event of disability from a covered injury, sickness or pregnancy. The City provides this coverage at no cost to the employee. More informatio is in the 2015-2016 General Employee Benefit Highlights. Visit the Hartford website for additional information.