Star Award

The Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program has been developed to recognize and reward the diligent efforts of employees who provide outstanding quality services to our City. Employees who receive STAR awards have demonstrated exemplary behaviors and skills.

STAR Employees:

Are customer friendly in their daily interactions with internal and external customers; Go out of their way to assist a citizen, visitor or co-worker; Participate in a team effort to make our City better; Pursue excellence and continuously work to improve our City.

By working together we can make the STAR program an integral part of our City’s day-to-day operations. Please join us in working to that end to meet our City’s mission, vision and priorities and recognizing those employees that are STARs.

“A Shining Star above the rest, who went above and did their best”

The Shining Star Award provides instant recognition and immediate feedback for a job well done.

Who can be recognized? Either individuals or groups
Who is eligible? All City employees
Frequency of Award: As appropriate
Nominated by: Anyone – co-workers, supervisor, vendor, citizen
Award Criteria: Extra effort and providing excellent customer service
Approval: No approval required
Award: Shining STAR certificate
Presenter of Award: Person making commendation
Location of Presentation: Workplace

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