Frequently Asked Questions

What can I bring?

Can I bring Pets to a Park?

Yes. Pets must be confined by the owner or on a leash not more than six (6) feet long and kept under physical control at all times. You’re responsible for removal of all waste. Signs are posted accordingly. If you want to allow your dog to run free, consider one of our Dog Parks located at Howard, Dreher, Mary Brandon, Sullivan and Osprey Parks.

Can I bring Tents?

Approved by Director

Can I bring extra Tables?

Approved by Director

Can I have a DJ at my party?

No amplified music

May I bring my Own Grill into a Park?

We strongly discourage anyone from bringing their own grill into a park. Most picnic areas have grills that you may use. However upon leaving the area you are required to take your coals and embers with you. Leaving or dumping your coals/embers in the park is prohibited.

May I drive Motorized Vehicles such as All-Terrain Vehicles in the Park?

Motorized vehicles of any kind are only permitted in established parking lots and road ways. All-terrain vehicles or any other kind of motorized vehicles are prohibited on our trails and other areas within our parks.

What about Alcohol in Parks?

Beer and wine are only permitted under rented picnic pavilions. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all other outdoor areas in West Palm Beach parks and recreation facilities.

How do I report an issue?

City owned lot has trash / lawn overgrowth. Who maintains this?

These issues are handled by the Grounds Maintenance division, which you may reach at (561) 822-2150. Please be prepared with location information.

How do I report Graffiti in our Park?

Please call Parks Maintenance at (561) 822-2150.

How do I report Lights Out in a Park?

Please report lights out to Parks Maintenance at (561) 822-2150. Please provide the name and location of the park/field.

How do I report a broken Drinking Fountain in a park?

Please report this issue to the Parks Maintenance by calling (561) 822-2150. Be prepared to provide the name of the park.

How do I report an Alligator in a Lake?

Any size alligator in a city park is considered a nuisance. Report the alligator to Parks and Recreation Administration at (561) 804-4900 or (561) 822-2222. Please provide the name of the park and the specific lake in which the alligator was spotted. If the alligator lives in a private lake, report it to the Nuisance Alligator hotline at (866) 392-4286. Only the landowner can request an alligator removal.

Who cleans the Pavilions?

Parks Maintenance cleans all picnic pavilions 7 days a week. To report a problem, call the City Hotline at (561) 822-2222.

Who do I call about Trees that are overgrown or hanging low over the sidewalk?

Trees in the swale are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner for trimming and maintenance. A tree that is causing a safety hazard should be reported to Parks Maintenance at (561) 822-2150.

Who do I call about Water guzzling in the median?

Please report this issue to Grounds Maintenance at (561) 822-2150. Be prepared to provide the location of the incident.

Who do I call to report that the Children’s Water Play Fountain is not working?

Please report this issue to Parks Maintenance at (561) 822-2150. Be prepared to provide the name of park.

Who do we need to call to get the Basketball / Tennis nets replaced in our park?

Please report this issue to the Parks Maintenance by calling (561) 822-2150. Be prepared to provide the name of the park.

How can I reserve a Facility?

How can I Reserve a Shelter?

We have picnic pavilions available for rent at Dreher, South Olive, Gaines, Howard and Coleman parks. All have restrooms but do not have electricity. Shelter reservations can be made at the Parks & Recreation Department Office by submitting a completed reservation form and the appropriate payment. For more information, including fees, visit the Rentals page at

How can I Schedule the use of an Athletic Field?

All athletic fields are scheduled by the Department of Parks and Recreation. They may be contacted by calling (561) 804-4900.

How do I Rent a Pavilion?

You can reserve a pavilion by calling (561) 804-4900. Pavilions available for rent are located at Dreher Park, Gaines Park, Howard Park and South Olive Community Center. Large pavilions hold up to 100 people medium pavilions hold up to 50 people. No alcohol or amplified music. Contact each location directly for more information or visit the Permits and Rentals page

How do I Reserve Tennis Courts for lessons, camps or tournaments?

Courts can be reserved by calling Parks and Recreation at (561) 804-4900. Fees vary.

May I purchase a Tree for a Memorial?

Please call (561) 822-2150 and provide your name and address or phone number. Our Parks Maintenance will mail one to you or return your call.

Who do I call to Rent a Parks & Recreation facility?

Call administration at (561) 804-4900 or your local community center directly. The following web page has centers and contact information: