Fogleman Park

Fogleman Park is a neighborhood park of approximately 1.4 acres located in one of the older sections of the City. This neighborhood, from 45th Street north to the City limits, and from Pinewood Avenue east to Broadway, has been recently named “Northwood Estates.”

The park is named for Sgt. James Fogleman, a Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff who lost his life in the line of duty in a traffic accident in March, 1963, while transporting a critically ill child from the substation on Military Trail to St. Mary’s Hospital.

Fogleman Park was improved by the City of West Palm Beach as part of the city-wide park capital improvements. The budget for the park improvements, including renovations and refurbishing, was $408,000. The improvements included the planter, playground, walking trail, lighting, basketball court improvements, park amenities, landscaping and an irrigation system.

Fogleman Park

Address: Pinewood Ave. and 47th to 48th Street
Phone: (561) 804-4900
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Basketball Playgrounds

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