Property Guidelines

  • Structures
    Repair rotted wood, broken or missing boards, siding or shingles and make all exterior parts weather-tight, rodent proof and sound. Exteriors must be resistant to water and be covered with paint, siding or brick that is in good condition.


    » Exterior walls, doors, windows
    » Roof parts including rafter, soffit, fascia
    » Roof covering
    » Railings on stairs, elevated landing and porches
    » Fences should be in good repair and legal height
    (6′ side and rear setback, 48″ front setback.

    Keep housing safe, sanitary, in good repair and sound condition.

    Inspect both interior and exterior:

    » Walls, ceilings, floors and doors
    » Plumbing pipes, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures
    » Windows and screens
    » Maintain swimming pools

    Make sure that:

    » Address numbers are permanently attached to the house and clearly visible
    from the street.
    » Garbage is properly disposed.
    »  There are no areas where stagnant water collects and breeds mosquitoes.

  • Yard Maintenance
    » Mow excessive growth of grass and weeds
    » Mow the lawn so that grass is six inches or less in height
    » Edge or remove growth from sidewalks, curb lines, gutters and swales.

  • Bulk Trash
    » Residential bulk trash items must be placed at the curb/edge of the street no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before pickup. Bulk trash piles should not exceed 5 cubic feet. Special pick-ups of yard wast/vegetation and bulk items may be arranged by calling Public Works Administration at 561-822-2056. A fee will be charged for all special pickups.

  • Storage
    » Storage of furniture, building materials, junk, refrigerators and auto parts are prohibited unless inside a fully enclosed structure. Storage of inoperable/untagged vehicles is prohibited unless in a completely enclosed structure.

  • Parking
    » Recreational vehicles, boats or trailers must be screened from view of abutting properties. Most commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking in a residential district. Check with the Code Compliance Division for details.

    » All vehicles in front yards must be parked on an approved driveway or paved surface.

  • Business Activities
    » Home occcupations (any business conducted from your home) must be properly licensed and must meet strict criteria. No traffic or outside displays may occur and the occupation must be clearly secondary to the use of the property as a home.

  • Water Restrictions
    » Because of recent shortages, water customers served by the City of West Palm Beach may be asked to curtail use of water for certain nonessential purposes. Due to the fact that water restrictions are subject to change, please call the South Florida Water Management District to check the most recent restrictions.

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