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Keeping Our Neighborhoods Beautiful
One of the goals of the Mayor’s Office and your City government is to improve the quality of life in our City’s neighborhoods.

A set of rules, in the form of the City Code, is in effect and create minimum standards for property within the City limits. These Code provisions are enforced by the Code Compliance Division of the Public Works Department.

These standards protect your neighborhood by ensuring that sub-standard conditions in housing, yards, parking and trash & debris collection are addressed. The end result is a clean, attractive community with increased property values and a reduction in crime and vandalism.

  • Administration:
  • Mark Joyce, Community Improvement Manager(561) 822-1473
  • Robert Creston, Code Supervisor(561) 822-1483
  • Laura Borso, Chronic Nuisance Officer(561) 822-1471
  • Charles Scott, Business Tax Code Officer(561) 822-1474
  • Clerical:
  • Monique L Williams, Administrative Assistant(561) 822-1468
  • Felicia Adams, Clerical Specialist(561) 822-1477
Zone Officer Phone Location
John Frasca
561-822-1475 Arlington Rd. to South side of Bunker Rd / Summit Blvd, Flagler Dr. to I-95.
John Murphy
561-822-1489 North side of Bunker Rd / Summit Blvd. to South side of Hampton Rd. / Greenwood Dr., Flagler Dr. to I-95.
Lillian Haughton
561-822-2167 North side of Hampton Rd. / Greenwood Dr. to South side of Okeechobee Blvd., Flagler Dr. to Dock St. / I-95.
Margarita Cruz
561-822-1487 North side of Okeechobee Blvd. to South side of Banyan Blvd., Flagler Dr. to Both sides of Australian Ave., South side of Okeechobee Blvd. from Clare Ave. to Florida Mango / Australian Ave to Warren Rd.
Valerie Luster
561-822-1485 North side of Banyan to South side of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Flagler Dr. to S. Mangonia Dr.
Allan Phillip Cartwright
561-822-1491 North side of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. to South side of 23th St., Flagler Dr. to N. Mangonia Cir. / 23rd St. to South side of 25th St from Rosemary to Australian
Carlos Maldonado
561-822-1491 North side of 23th Street to South side of 36th St., Flagler Dr. to Pinewood Ave.
Michael Williams
561-822-1488 North side of 36th St. to South side of 48th St. Flagler Dr. to Pinewood Ave.
Travis Telfair
561-822-1467 North side of 48th St. to 59th St., Flagler Dr. to Pinewood Ave.
Aleandro Lopez
561-822-1480 North side of 25th St. to North End of the City, Greenwood Ave. / Rosemary Ave. to Both sides of  Australian Ave.
Kevin Lavine
561-822-1490 West of the Lake to Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. and I 95, North of  Okeechobee Blvd to 45th St.
Donald Williams
561-822-1470 West of: I-95, and Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, to Northlake Blvd. and Beeline Hwy.

Code Compliance Officer Zones:

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