Kimberly Mitchell, District 3 Commissioner

Kimberly Mitchell
District 3
City Commissioner
Term 2014 – 2016
P.O. Box 3366
WPB, FL 33402
Phone: (561) 822-1390
Fax: (561) 822-1399
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Career:Kimberly Mitchell was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission in March 2002. Professionally, she serves as a Managing Director for Loop Capital Markets, responsible for the firm’s public finance efforts in Florida for the past 10 years. Commissioner Mitchell has 20 years of experience in the investment banking industry.

Appointed by the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Commissioner Mitchell is a Council Member of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. It is the Treasure Coast’s only regional forum where elected and appointed leaders regularly come together to discuss complex regional issues; develop strategic regional responses for resolving them; and build consensus for setting and accomplishing regional goals.

TCRPC’s mission is to encourage and enable local units of government and citizenry to assemble and cooperate with one another and with representatives of major economic interests, to promote health, safety, and general welfare of the citizenry, and to plan for future development of the Region that will keep it competitive and afford a high quality of life.


Kimberly Mitchell’s passion for effecting public policy began some 24 years ago, while serving as an aide to then-Palm Beach County Commissioner Carol Roberts. Her knowledge on a wide variety of issues became even greater when she went on to serve the Florida Legislature as senior aide to Representative Greg Gay. With her philosophy of governing firmly taking hold, she entered the private sector, where she began advocating for a number of public policy changes affecting minority and women businesses and economic development.

One of her major accomplishments came in 1999 when the Florida Legislature passed landmark legislation leading to the creation of the state’s first minority-owned property and casualty homeowner’s insurance companies. Additionally, through her efforts, the State Board of Administration, which manages the state’s pension funds, was nationally recognized and awarded for its policy for women and minority inclusion.

Civic Involvement:

Commissioner Mitchell is a former board member of the Florida Education Practices Commission, having been nominated by then-Education Commissioner Tom Gallagher and confirmed by the Florida Senate.

She is a founding member of Family Zone: West Palm Beach, a local, non-profit organization focused on helping the residents of the blighted neighborhoods in the City’s northend. With the support of numerous local and state leaders, they are currently working on the plan for the Zone modeled after the uniquely successful effort being undertaken by Geoffrey Canada in New York City, the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Currently a board member for the Urban League of Palm Beach County, Commissioner Mitchell also serves as a board member of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.

Personal Information:

Commissioner Mitchell and her husband live in the southend of the City. The daughter of Apollo XIV astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Anita Mitchell, she grew up in Palm Beach County.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University and holds a Series 52 license.

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