Broadway / US Highway 1

satellite_broadwayAs one ofbroadway_mixing the highest traveled corridors in Palm Beach County, the Broadway / US Highway 1 district is the ideal location for storefronts and businesses that want to lure the drive-by traffic and neighboring residents. Running parallel with the Intracoastal Waterway just blocks from marinas, boat builders and related businesses, the Broadway Corridor is also a great and growing locale for those in the marine industry. In fact, the economic impact of the boating business has increased 112 percent since 1999 to $1.35 billion, more than twice the impact of the citrus industry.

Designated as a mixed-use district, this main thoroughfare is being transformed as several facade and landscaping improvement projects are underway. To spur the redevelopment of Broadway, the CRA has acquired several parcels for private mixed-use development.