Pleasant City

satellite_pleasantThe City and CRA completed $10 million in infrastructure and streetscape improvements for the neighborhood. Part of these improvements was the construction of a buffer wall along the Federal East Coast Railroad (FEC) which includes decorative fencing and landscaping enhancements from 17th Street to 25th Street.

Phase II of the Paint, Plant and Pave Program will get underway targeting the multi-family properties for exterior improvements including sidewalks, driveway, painting and landscaping improvements. Phase I of the program was a complete success with 33 single-family homes receiving assistance for exterior improvements to their home!

The CRA received a local grant for the development of a Children’s Community Garden. Utilizing a City owned vacant parcel the kids are able to learn to grow and harvest their own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Additional redevelopment focused on the northern section of Pleasant City called Blum Park. The area was redesigned to create a neighborhood park.

Development Opportunity
The City and the CRA have acquired vacant and blighted lots for redevelopment.