Upon issuance of required permits, construction may begin. At specified stages of the building process, the project must be inspected to ensure that it is being constructed according to approved plans. Please note the Permit Inspection Hard Card must be conspicuously posted on the job site during construction and the approved plans must be available. Inspections scheduled prior to 7:00 AM will be inspected that day. Inspections outside normal work hours, on weekends or holidays are made at an extra charge. Re-inspections may also involve an extra fee.

Inspections must be scheduled by telephone using our automated inspection system or on the Internet using our E-GovPlus (One-Stop-Shop) interactive web site. To schedule inspections using our automated inspection system a touch-tone telephone is required. Dial (561) 805-6700 and follow the directions. You will need the permit number, pin number and the inspection code of the inspection to be scheduled. To schedule inspections using our E-GovPlus (One-Stop-Shop), the permit and pin numbers are required

Inspection Status

Checking the status of your inspections and permit has never been easier. Click on the E-GovPlus (One-Stop-Shop) and enter the permit number or property address. Once the permit displays, select the inspections link from the menu on the left and the status displays in the “RES” column. Inspection results are updated daily at 6:00 PM, all other information is real-time.

Upon completion of construction and all required inspections (including final inspection) a “Certificate of Occupancy” or “Certificate of Completion” may be issued.

Inspections – Common Delays

  • Approved/Revised plans and/or permit not on job site
  • Lot number or address not posted
  • No ladder
  • Weather conditions made job area or inspection area unsafe for inspection
  • Status of work not completed as required by plans at time of inspection
  • Person performing the work beyond or outside their scope of licensure
  • Copy of Notice of Commencement not posted and/or on file with Construction Services

Inspection Codes

Click on any of the below categories to retrieve the pertinent building codes:

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»  Electrical
»  Fire
»  Gas
»  Landscaping/Vegetation
»  Mechanical/HVAC
»  Plumbing
»  Miscellaneous