Rental Tax

In order to apply for a Rental Property Tax and Certificate of Use within the corporate limits of the City of West Palm Beach, download and complete the application provided.

Please provide the “PCN” Property Control Number, which can be obtained by contacting the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers Office at (561)355-2890 or visit their website at

All Rental Properties shall be reviewed by the Zoning Division and inspected by Code Compliance Division, which can be contacted at (561)822-1465. Please note: once the application has been reviewed by zoning, the applicant must contact Code Compliance to schedule an inspection of the rental property.

Properties having three or more dwellings under the same roof must be inspected and approved by the City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department, which can be contacted at (561)804-4700.

Rental Properties owned by a Corporation are required to provide copies of Articles Registered by the State of Florida and a copy of the recorded Warranty Deed must accompany the application.

To renew your existing rental license, click on the following link and enter your license number in the “account number” field or you may search by address:

Rental Licence Application

Certification Non-Rental Residential Property
Rental Tax Application, Checklist, and Fee Schedule Package
Agreement of Landlord/Property Owner