Vehicle Tax

This category falls under the vehicle for hire ordinance, (sec. 18-66) of the city code, and also includes jitney, intercity jitneys and limousines.

  • All vehicles for hire operated inside city limits must be licensed, inspected and insured
  • Business must be located within the corporate city limits to be able to pick up and drop off within the city. Office must be located in an industrial zoning district and have dispatchers on duty from 6:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Applications are accepted from September 1 to October 1 of the licensing year (sec. 18-68)
  • Vehicles are inspected twice a year, September 1-30 and March 1-31. (sec 18-67)

The following guidelines must be met before a Business Tax will be issued:

  • State of Florida Motor Vehicle Registration for each vehicle for hire (class 9 or 10). Proof of hire registration (sec 18-67).
  • Proof of current insurance showing expiration date (sec 18-73):
    1. $50,000 injury, $100,000 more than 1 person and $25,000 property damage.
    2. $5,000 deductible for each occurrence
    3. In lieu of above – $50,000 self-insured
    4. If more than one vehicle, each vehicle must be listed on insurance form.
  • Fees due and payable at time of application
    1. License Fee:
      • $83.68 for the place of business office (sec 18-50)
      • 1st vehicle $137.81, then each additional vehicle is $55.12. Max fee is $6,000
  • Inspection/Decal
    • $28.67 each vehicle
  • State of Florida chauffeur license for each driver (sec 18-82).
  • West Palm Beach Police picture identification card for each driver.
    • Hours of operation for fingerprinting/photo ID/background check are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12:00PM – 3:00PM.
  • Permission letter from owners of stand lcoation to operate vehicle from their business location (section 18-77)
  • Social Security Card required by Florida statutes for each driver. Please bring original so that a photocopy can be made at this office.

Failure to pass inspection will result in license application being voided. No refunds will be issued.

License Application

pdfBusiness Tax Application
pdfPolice Hours of Operation for Approval