Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact regarding construction work on my street or in my neighborhood?

There are several reasons why construction work may have been completed on your street or in your neighborhood. If you can identify the type of work in one of the following categories, please use the corresponding contact information:

Public Works: (561) 822-2075 Potholes, small road repairs, sidewalk repairs, street signs, drainage inlet repairs, or canal maintenance.

Public Utilities: (561) 822-2170. Water and sewer main repairs, water meter repairs, manhole cleaning, or fire hydrant work.

Engineering Services: (561) 494-1040 Street construction, utility construction, sidewalk construction, roadway landscaping, or similar large scale construction work.

In addition to the City, other utility providers such as Florida Power & Light, Florida Public Utilities, AT&T, or Comcast Cable may have been working in the area. For information on their work activity, please contact the utility provider directly or contact Traffic Engineering at 561-494-1086 regarding permitted work in the right-of-way.

Who do I contact if I do not find an answer on-line?

Not sure who to call? Contact the City Hotline at 561-822-1402. A representative will help guide you to the answer you need.

Does the City maintain the pipe from the water meter to my house?

No, the City does not maintain the service line from the water meter to a residence. The residential service line is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain.

How do I locate the sewer line for my property?

Typically, the sewer clean-out will be located near the property line. For assistance locating the sewer line, please contact the Public Utilities at 561-822-1300.

Who do I contact to report a leaking water or sewer line?

Please contact Public Utilities at 561-837-4011 to report a leaking water or sewer line.

Who do I contact to have the water service to my property turned on or off?

Please contact Public Utilities at 561-822-1300 for customer services.

When do I need to obtain a Right-of-Way permit?

Right-of-way permits are required for a variety of activity in the right-of-way. This includes any excavation, landscape installation or removal, irrigation system installation, sidewalk construction, driveway apron construction, and all other types of work activity. In addition, permits are required for all activity that could impact pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes the placement of dumpsters, portable toilets, cranes, construction material, debris, or equipment in the roadway, sidewalk, or right-of-way.

Permits must be obtained prior to the commencement of work or activity in the right-of-way. To obtain a right-of-way permit, you may contact our office by email at Traffic Engineering or call 561-494-1086.

Where do I obtain Engineering Services standard construction details?

Please access our Engineering Services Standard Construction Details.

Who do I contact to obtain as-built drawings?

As-built drawings are maintained by Engineering Services. To obtain copies of as-built records, please contact our office at 561-494-1040 or by email at Engineering Services.

Is the City responsible for maintaining the streets, sidewalks, and utilities in my neighborhood?

The City is responsible for maintaining most of the streets, sidewalks, and utilities. However, most private gated communities are privately maintained and not in the City’s inventory. Additionally, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Palm Beach County maintain streets and sidewalks within the City. To obtain an answer regarding a specific street or neighborhood, please contact the agencies listed below:

City of West Palm Beach Engineering Services 561-494-1040
Palm Beach County Engineering & Public Works 561-684-4018
FDOT 561-432-4966

Who do I contact regarding an issue with street lighting?

City street lights are maintained by Public Works. To contact Public Works regarding an issue with street lights, please call 561-822-2085.

Who do I contact regarding an issue with street and traffic signs?

To report a missing, damaged, faded, or obscured street or traffic sign, please contact Traffic Engineering at 561-494-1059 or by email at Traffic Engineering.

Who do I contact regarding flooding, drainage issues, or standing water in the road?

To report flooding, drainage issues, or standing water in the road, please contact Public Utilities at 561-822-2185. To report a related emergency issue, please contact Central Operations at 561-822-2210.

Who do I contact regarding potholes or street repairs?

To report a pothole or for issues related to street repairs, please contact the City Hotline at 561-822-2222.

Why are there colored marker flags in my yard?

Marker flags are used to locate underground utilities, usually in connection with planned excavation work in the area. To learn why the flags are present, contact the telephone number on the marker flags or contact Sunshine One Call at 1-800-432-4770 or by email at Sunshine One Call.

Who do I contact if my garbage was not picked up?

To report garbage collection issues, please contact Sanitation at 561-822-2075.