Street Maintenance

  • Mission:
To effectively and efficiently maintain the streets, sidewalks and curbing of the City of West Palm Beach in a manner that supports safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


  • Operations:
Street repair and refurbishment is an ongoing process. Street Maintenance crews repair potholes, curbing and sidewalks and replace deteriorated sections of asphalt and concrete as the need arises. Additionally, work units fabricate and install traffic calming devices, street signs and traffic barricades. They paint parking lines and traffic warning markers on our roadways.


  • Capacity:
The Street Maintenance Unit responds to the need of the City proper. Infrastructure, to include roads and sidewalks installed in private (gated), communities may not fall under the purviews of this department or the City, please check with your Home Owners Association.


  • Duties:
In addition to repairing potholes, road surfaces, sidewalks and curbing damaged by incident or natural causes, this work group installs traffic calming devices (speed bumps), barricades and bollards. They also fabricate and install street and specialty signs.


  • Units:

The Concrete Unit:

Is responsible for all concrete fabrication and repair to include sidewalks and curbing throughout the City.

The Asphalt Unit:

Is responsible for the maintenance and repair of asphalt streets and roads throughout the City. Their primary focus is on the rapid repair of potholes.

The Traffic Maintenance Unit:

Is responsible for the fabrication, installation, and the replacement of street signs and the placement of traffic barricades and pavement markings.

The Special Projects Unit:

Is responsible for supporting a wide variety of City activities to include the placement of traffic bollards and the special, pre and post work required for art shows, flower shows and City activities in general. This work group also installs traffic calming devices when so instructed by City Administration. When not involved in special projects, this work unit supports the efforts of other Street Maintenance units.

The Street Lighting Unit:

Several two man teams working out of bucket trucks replace burned-out bulbs on City street lights. The City of West Palm Beach owns most of our streetlights, however, Florida Power and Light Company does own some lighting equipment and is reimbursed for its use. Refuse Collectors and Sanitation Operators, working throughout the City in the early hours of the morning, are able to identify streetlights requiring attention and direct Street Lighting teams to the proper locations.

The Street-Sweeping Unit:

Street sweeping teams work in conjunction with Yard Waste Operators to remove all yard waste and ensure collection points are left neat and clean. Street sweeping normally occurs between 6 A.M. and 2 P.M. Four street sweeping machines are assigned to the unit.


  • Special Note:
The Street Maintenance work group was lauded for its recycling of asphalt and concrete removed from projects throughout the City. Their efforts have generated substantial savings for the City.