Trash Collection

Garbage Collection Routes / Bulk Items

Monday & Thursday

North of Okeechobee Blvd, including Foxhall, Jonathan’s Cove, Spencer Lakes, and Lakes of Laguna.

Tuesday & Friday

South of Okeechobee Blvd.

Wednesday & Saturday

Andros Isle, Baywinds, Briar Bay, Hamilton Bay, Oakton Preserve, Iron Horse, Ibis, and River Walk.

Vegetation Pickup Schedule


25th to 59th from the waterway West to Northshore


Okeechobee to Southern including Barcelona to Pershing Way
West of Olive to I-95
Andros Isle, Briar Bay, Hamilton Bay, Oakton Preserve, River Walk


East of Olive: Belmont to Arlington between Olive & Flagler
Baywinds, Ibis, Ironhorse


Okeechobee to 25th Street
Saratoga Lakes & PTE, The (3) Bears, Brittany, Spencer Lakes, Lakes of Laguna, Jonathan’s Cove


Southern to Arlington – West of Olive to I-95

Automated Garbage System

Guidelines for the Automated Garbage System
Guidelines en Español

Any request for repair of wheels or lids on the new 96 gallon garbage can, required for automated service, please call Sanitation at (561) 822-2075


ONE CAN per household: If you need a different size can, other than what was provided at the initiation of the program, you may purchase it yourself (at Home Depot or Lowes etc.) and it will be serviced as long as it is serviceable by our equipment. Any can provided by the City of WPB remains the property of the City and cannot be kept as a spare or taken by the homeowner if their house is sold. TOTER is one acceptable brand.

The collection container must be located at least FIVE (5) feet away from mailboxes, trees, recycle bins, bulk items or any other structure. Placing the recycle bins on the opposite side of the driveway is recommended. The lids of your containers cannot be tied or bungied, and the bar of the can (not the handle) must be facing the street with the wheels facing the house.

All waste must be in bags and fit inside of the container. NO BAGS ON TOP OF or ALONG SIDE OF CAN Waste cannot be placed in the can in such a way as to prevent it from falling out when being tipped into the truck. IF A VEHICLE IS BLOCKING THE CAN, IT CANNOT BE SERVICED.


Contact number: 561-822-2075

The City of WPB will provide the service of removing bulk items such as furniture, mattresses box springs, etc. on your yard waste day only. Previously, your regular service truck picked up all non-contaminated, non-Freon containing bulk items. The automated service truck will not be picking up these items but the driver will make the arrangements for bulk items to be removed on your yard waste day. As before, Freon containing items such as refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, etc. must be put out on the day for which you receive vegetative waste pick-up. No vegetation is to be mixed with bulk items. The above mentioned Freon containing items are the only items to be placed next to your vegetation pile. Large quantities of boxes (i.e. from a move in) will be removed as bulk on your yard waste day if you have called to alert us ahead of time. The boxes must be empty, broken down, and tied as compactly as possible. Any packing material (i.e. packing peanuts, packing pillows, paper, styrofoam, etc..) must be secured in bags.

NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL OF ANY KIND WILL BE SERVICED. Regulations that govern your local landfill consider construction material contamination and the fees associated with disposing of it are higher. Examples of construction material are cabinets, sinks toilets, roofing, fencing, wood, concrete, drywall, etc.

All construction material generated by a contractor must be disposed of by that contractor. All construction material generated by do-it-yourself projects must be disposed of by the homeowner. This material can be delivered to the Solid Waste Authority’s landfill located on N Jog Rd or any SWA permitted facility. Call 561 697-2700, visit or call 561 822-2056 for other alternatives.

Should a special pick-up be needed (for waste quantities that exceed 4’ X 4’ X 9’ or for items not allowed in the regular pick-up) please call us for arrangements at 561 822-2056. THERE IS A FEE FOR SPECIAL PICK-UPS.

This includes but is not limited to paint, pesticides, oil, batteries, and propane tanks. Please contact the Solid Waste Authority 561 640-4000 for instructions on disposing of hazardous materials.


Tree trimmings, grass clippings, palm fronds, leaves and shrub trimmings

1. place yard waste at the curb/edge of the street, AFTER 6 PM the night before pick-up
2. place refrigerators, freezers (DOORS MUST BE REMOVED) and air conditioners next to yard waste
3. place yard waste in front of property where it originated
4. place grass cuttings, small trimmings and leaves in plastic bags weighing no more than 50 pounds
5. limit pile size to not larger than 4’ high X 4’ wide X 17’ long
6. cut tree limbs and branches into lengths no longer than six feet
7. cut tree trunks and stumps into sections no longer than 4 feet and no larger than 12 inches in diameter
8. clean up debris remaining after pick-up
9. call the Sanitation Department at 822-2075 for a special pick-up of waste piles larger than the maximum allowed (PLEASE NOTE: there is a fee for special pick-ups)

NOTE: During the months of APRIL and MAY the city offers “amnesty months for yard waste” collection. The residents may place unlimited amounts of yard waste curbside on their regular collection day. The purpose The Purpose of this is to assist residents with hurricane preparedness, before the season starts, not during.
NORMAL PLACEMENT AND RULES STILL APPLY. Landscape Companies are responsible to remove all debris associated with their work.

1. place yard waste within 10’ of any obstruction such as a wall, fence, tree, guy wire, vehicle, etc..
2. place yard waste in cardboard boxes or garbage containers
3. place yard waste on top of water or gas meters
4. mix yard waste with any other items

NOTE DO NOT place yard waste left from Landscape and Lawn Service Companies out for the City to pick-up. The Landscape Company is responsible to haul all debris associated with its work.

Guidelines en Español