Event Permits: Getting Started

The City of West Palm Beach is preparing to organize the Special Events Calendar for 2015. Please review the information before filling out the application, as some things have changed. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (561) 822-1515 and we will be happy to assist you.

When filling out the application it is especially important that you fill out the application completely, and please don’t forget to include a site map and the $50.00 application fee, otherwise your application will not be reviewed.

Applications for 2015 events are due by May 2, 2014. City of West Palm Beach Community Events staff will review the received applications and develop the 2015 events calendar. All organizers will be notified via mail by the end of May 23, 2014of event status and dates. Applications received after May 2, 2014 will be approved and scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

What is a Special Event?
Any parade, fair, show, festival, carnival, rally, party, motorcade, run, street dance, bike-a-thon, race, walks, athletic event or other attended entertainment or celebration that is to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property and/or public right-of-way, or if held wholly upon private property, but will nevertheless affect or impact the ordinary and normal use by the general public of public property or public right-of-way within the vicinity of the event, and/or will involve noise levels prohibited by Section 34-25 and Section 34-38 of the Code. Special Event shall also mean any activity to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned or controlled property and/or public right-of-ways where merchandise or services are offered for sale, whether by for-profit or non-profit organizations. Special Events do not include events held in facilities described in Category No. 162 of the Master Use List, Appendix A, of the City’s Zoning Code, i.e., “Theaters, Indoor Motion Picture and Live Performance” and events held in the Palm Beach County Convention Center.