City Docks

WPBdock-196The City of West Palm Beach’s downtown waterfront revitalization took a major step forward with the opening of three new public docks along Flagler Drive.

Use of the docks is free for non-commercial boats. Rafting up is not permitted. The docks are open seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. Boaters are required to register with the dock supervisor by calling (561) 822-2222. Dock 1 (the northern-most dock) has a maximum capacity of 12 vessels, dock 2 (the middle dock) has a maximum capacity of 24, and dock 3 (the southern-most dock) has a maximum of 12.

The middle dock is the main pedestrian dock, offering the perfect spot for families taking a walk, business people looking for a tranquil spot to enjoy lunch or visitors soaking in the downtown scenery. It features unique underwater ecosystems, planters with native plants, shaded seating areas for the public and day docking for boaters.

The docks project was completed with the support of the Florida Inland Navigation District, which presented the City a check for $4.25 million for waterfront revitalization at the grand opening. The docks have also already been honored with the Florida Marine Industries “Project of the Year” award. The Florida Marine Industries Association and Show Management (producer of the Palm Beach Boat Show) also contributed $500,000 each to the docks project.

WPBdock-125The docks are a key component of the City’s downtown waterfront revitalization project. The project will beautify and re-energize the entire downtown waterfront, from Banyan Boulevard to Lakeview Avenue.