Bad Company former lead singer Brian Howe October 20th, 2013

Classic Rock

Opening Act: The Mighty Quinn.

Headlining Sunday on the Waterfront’s six month Classic Rock Anniversary Tour series and long regarded as one of rock’s legendary voices, Brian Howe started his career in 1983 as lead vocalist for Ted Nugent, recording Nugent’s “Penetrator” album and fronting it’s subsequent world tour.  In 1984, the 2 existing members of Bad Company – drummer Simon Kirke, and guitarist Mick Ralphs courted Brian to replace Paul Rodgers as the lead singer. Brian decided to accept the offer and continue the legend of Bad Company. Along with Bad Company’s highly acclaimed 1993 live CD “What You Hear Is What You Get – The Best of Bad Company – Live” Brian wrote and sold 19 million additional albums highlighted by such radio and video hits as “Holy Water‘” “If You Needed Somebody,” “No Smoke Without A Fire,” and “How About That“. Millions of records later, Brian is back and ready to unleash his awesome vocals upon his audiences and fans performing all of Bad Company’s hit songs including such classics as “Can’t Get Enough,” “Bad Company,” “Holy Water,” “Ready For Love,” and many other Bad Co. hits. Bad Company celebrates 40 years in 2013!


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Bad Company former lead singer Brian Howe

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