Cash Management

The Cash Management Division manages all banking relations, controls and maintains bank balances, bank accounts, and delinquent debt collection; manages the City investment program to receive maximum returns; and monitors and deposits City revenue. The Cash Management Division also provides marketing data for bond operating and presentation statements, arbitrage calculations, and insures bond compliance on debt issues, as well as assisting in other financial matters affecting the City.

  • Primary services include:
  • This division provides necessary support services to ensure City funds are managed as efficiently as possible.
  • Monies invested by this division earn interest to help fund City services.
  • Manages collection practices and resources to ensure recovery of public funds
  • Manages the recording and billing of accounts receivable.

Debt Management Policy

Investment Policy


City Lien Search

The City of West Palm Beach provides electronic access to the City’s interests against real property and unrecorded lien interests. Reports are provided through the Internet using a system called Conduits™, which is operated and supported by Net Assets Corporation. The reports include Utilities, Code Violations, and Receivables.

The Conduits™ reports are typically requested and provided to title companies, search agencies, escrow agents, and other real estate professionals as a regular part of real estate transactions. If you are associated with such an organization, access can be obtained through your company or we can help in getting your company setup as a regular user of Conduits. If you feel that you need one-time or very occasional access to the Conduits reports, access can also be provided.

Online Lien Calculation Pay-Off Form