Did You Know

What’s that bird in your logo?

The bird in our logo is an Everglades Snail Kite. Just as the City of West Palm Beach is dependent on the Preserve for its water supply, the survival of the Snail Kite is dependent on the preservation of pristine wetlands like Grassy Waters. Scientists estimate that the Snail Kite will most likely face extinction in the next 30 years. Snail Kite sightings are common at Grassy Waters Preserve, an indicator that we are providing this iconic Everglades resident with the quality habitat it needs to have a fighting chance at survival.

Can I rent a canoe or launch my own canoe or kayak?

No, GWP does not rent canoes (or kayaks) and you may not launch your own boat. You may, however, join us for a guided tour. To learn more about our guided canoe and kayak tours, please visit our programs section.

For canoe and kayak rentals info click here

Will I see alligators?

The Preserve is home to many alligators. Because they are cold blooded, alligators must regulate their temperature by cooling off in the water or warming themselves in the sun. Alligators are well camouflaged, so look closely and with a little luck you’ll see one of our resident reptiles.

How do I volunteer at Grassy Waters Preserve?

Thanks for asking! We appreciate all of our volunteers to no ends. Please check out the volunteer page and follow the directions there to volunteer with us.

Do you take injured or orphaned animals?

Grassy Waters is not licensed to rehabilitate wild animals. If you have an animal in need of care, please contact Busch Wildlife Sanctuary , or call (561) 575-3399.

Can I release animals at the Preserve?

No. Please do not release any pets or trapped animals in the park. Released wildlife can introduce disease to Preserve animals. Released non-native species also threaten natural areas and can disrupt the existing ecosystem by altering the food chain.

Can I bring my dog to walk on the trails?

No, GWP does not allow pets in any of the natural areas. As a nature center, our primary goal is to help people enjoy and learn about nature. Dogs are a distraction to their owner, a potential threat to wildlife, and a disturbance to other visitors. However, there are many, many local options for walking your dog in a natural setting click here for pet friendly destinations.

Can I fish at GWP?

Catch and release fishing is allowed on the North Side of the Preserve in Gator Lake only.

Are there wheelchairs available for use at the Nature Center?

The Center does not have any wheelchairs for public use.

Do you rent space to the public?

The Preserve does not offer any rental facilities. The use of shelters and picnic tables are available on a first come first serve basis.

Do you provide airboat tours?

No. We do not offer airboat tours to the public. The airboat is used by City staff to perform water quality testing, scientific surveying, and invasive plant control and by law enforcement to patrol the catchment area.

Can I ride my bike in the Preserve?

Yes. We do have trails specifically designated for bikes. Please visit our trail information page for more information.