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An Everglades Visit

Let Tommy, a Florida middle school student, tell you why he loves growing up near the Everglades.

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The Value of the wetlands

Learn about the value of wetland ecosystems and the threats currently facing these important ecosystems

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Nature's Kidneys

Discover how wetlands serve to filter our water resources and cleanse our ecosystems, similar to how kidneys cleanse the human body

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Indicator Species

Pig Frogs are an important Everglades species. Learn how scientists are studying them as an indicator of the health of the Everglades.

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Teacher Workshops

Our Naturalists are also Project WILD facilitators! Earn in-service points, get free curriculum materials, and learn more about how to get the most out of your visit to Grassy Waters Preserve by attending one of our free teacher workshops!

Project WILD activities, along with your Grassy Waters field trip, are correlated to Sunshine State Standards.

To learn more about Project Wild, visit the National Project WILD website