Public markets are as old as commerce itself. Six-thousand years ago, public markets played a prominent role in the development of the economies of Mesopatamia. Farmers would cart the fruits of their labor into the population centers.

Greenmarket beginnings

After witnessing firsthand the success of the public markets of Italy and Europe, a former Mayor, authorized the City’s Community Events staff to create a public market in West Palm Beach. Work was begun determining the feasibility of a public market, and in October, 1994, the West Palm Beach Greenmarket launched its first season.

The WPB Greenmarket has become known for its friendly vendors and scenic location.

With overĀ 70 vendors the Greenmarket represents hundreds of acres of local farm land. The pastĀ 20 years have shown a steady growth of an idea that survived because it met the needs of both consumers and farmers. Small family farmers, who willingly made the sacrifices required to live on the land, found eager consumers among those who were dissatisfied with mass-produced food. Over time, a trust developed between these two groups, based on a history of wholesome products and honest dealings.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide our local community with seasonal access to locally grown fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, plants & agricultural products.
  2. To support the southeast Florida agricultural community, especially Palm Beach County, providing an outlet for:
    • locally grown crops,
    • specialty and value added products, and
    • to stimulate crucially needed agricultural development.