Vendor Application

Please download and fill out the Vendor Application. Make sure to respond to each question. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Terms and Conditions
You must read and agree to the terms and conditions before your application can be reviewed. Please print a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your records.
GM Application 2015-2016 Terms and Conditions

Vendor Application Form
Please fill out the GreenMarket Vendor Application completely, save a copy to your computer, and email to:

GreenMarket Manager, Katrina Resch at:

The number of vendors per category will be determined by the manager. There is no exclusivity; however, products of the same type will be limited. The goal is to maximize the variety of products and competition in the market to provide customers with a diverse selection of products, prices and personalities while balancing the need for individual vendors to profit.

A Selection Committee chosen by the City will review, evaluate and score all applications based on the following:  1) Application must be complete in all details and received by the application deadline. 2) Participation in the 2013/2014 West Palm Beach GreenMarket.  3) Local, county or state Grower or Food Processor 4) quality of items, and overall appearance of the vendor booth.

Vendors will pay by booth frontage space. Ten (10) feet of frontage has a base fee with additional frontage possible up to 30’. Farmer /Grower rate $100 monthly, Non-Farmer rate $200 monthly

Required permits/licenses must be in place prior to the first Saturday of the GreenMarket. It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide all required licenses and permits.

Vendors Payment can be made as follows:

On-line via / Call 561-822-1529 for username and password

Mailed to Community Events, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, City of West Palm Beach, 401 Clematis Street  West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Made in person at Parks & Recreation or Community Events, 3rd Floor, 5:00p.m. Monday – Friday

Payment by phone with credit card (Visa, Mastercard Only)

No payments will be taken on-site on Saturdays, No payment, No set-up, No exceptions!

The GreenMarket will be closed on March 26, April 23 and April 30, 2016 due to the Palm Beach Boat Show and Sunfest.


FARMERS/GROWERS (40 vendors) / FDACS permit may be required if packaged items sold Preference will be given to organic, local, county and state growers. Grade A quality produce only, including fresh squeezed juices processed by farm. You may sell only those products listed on your grower’s permit. To qualify as a farmer and owner of a crop the following must apply: PRODUCE FARMER:  Grower who produces fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, or herbs must own, rent, lease or sharecrop the land AND practice the agricultural arts, i.e., s/he must grow from seeds, transplants, or cuttings. Grower must be responsible for all production operations.PLANT PRODUCER/NURSERYMAN: Grower who produces ornamental plants from seeds, cuttings, or plants must have purchased them as seedlings and have sole ownership.  Seedlings must be grown by producer for at least 3 weeks and plants for 3 months on the grower’s own premises before they can be offered for sale at the GreenMarket.  The grower must be the responsible for all production operations. Contact Extension Agent for Commercial Vegetable Production & Tropical Fruits, UF-IFAS Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension office, (561) 233-1718, for information on qualifications. If you qualify as a grower, you must have a VALID GROWER’S PERMIT issued by the Agricultural Extension office in the county where the crops are grown and listing the crops grown on the permit.

PRODUCE RESELLERS (4 vendors) Resellers with Florida produce.

BAKERY/BEVERAGE/CONFECTIONARY (25 vendors) / FDACS permit required: Breads, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, tortes, bagels, muffins, scones, candy, sweets, etc. Cappuccinos, lattes, smoothies, fresh squeezed vegetable juices, and teas.

CAFÉ/RESTAURANT (10 vendors) / DBPR License required Breakfast/lunch/snack menu that is fresh, healthy, low fat and high quality. Presentation of the booth and efficiency of service in this high volume situation will be considerations. Vendors may sell Dasani water, Vitamin Water or any Coke beverage product distributed by local bottler (excluding tea, vegetable or fruit beverages).Tents that cook with deep
fat fryers shall require a spare 10lb ABC fire extinguisher and a 2 ½
gallon K type fire extinguisher.

DAIRY/MEAT/POULTRY/SEAFOOD (15 vendors) / FDACS permit required: Local and imported cheese, specialty butter, cheese spreads, yogurt, ice cream; fresh, smoked and cured meat and poultry products (grass-fed and organic preference), deli, sausages; fresh seafood, fish and shellfish (frozen with permission and justification), no cutting on site

EXOTICS/FLOWERS/ORCHIDS/PLANTS/TREES (25 vendors) / FDACS Division of Plant Industry license, Tropical and fruit trees, fresh-cut flowers showing no deterioration or age, potted plants, fresh herbs. Prefer grower. Vendors selling fresh plants and flowers, and these fresh products make up 80%* of items for sale, will be considered to sell items which compliment eligible products that are made from natural products.  (No plastic and/or synthetic chemical-based materials can be sold or displayed in the market.)

GOURMET/PROCESSED FOOD (30 vendors) / FDACS permit required: Pasta, sauce, soup, salad, stock, ethnic specialties, jam, jelly, relish, mustard, dressing, salsa, infused vinegar, oil, olives, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

ALL NATURAL / HOME DÉCOR (6 vendors) Products must be 100% all natural. Must be handmade by vendor. Ex. Soy candles, soaps, oils, vases, bowls, etc.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: JEWELRY, CLOTHES, ANTIQUES, ART, No sales, use or possession of alcoholic beverages is permitted