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Housing & Community Development Overview
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Welcome to the City's Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). HCD strives to improve the quality of life of City residents through the development of housing, social, and economic opportunities.

City owned properties for sale.
Browse the updated list of City owned properties available for purchase or donation to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Home Purchase Assistance program closed December 8, 2017.
HCD will provide assistance to eligible households buying a home within City limits to cover some of the down payment and closing costs.

Residential Rehabilitation program closed April 30, 2018.
HCD may pay for the repairs of items that compromise the life, health, and/or safety of households located within City limits.

Interested in developing property in West Palm Beach?
HCD has made approximately $1,000,000 in HOME Program funds available for rental and/or homeownership developments providing long-term, affordable housing to low income households. All inquiries regarding this application shall be made to Josephine Grosch, Senior Purchasing Agent at jgrosch@wpb.org. Visit Development Incentives for the application and other incentives.

Looking for social services?
HCD provides a host of social services through Vickers House.

Have you discovered an orange parking meter?
The Real Change Movement is a partnership between the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County and the City of West Palm Beach. The program focuses on raising awareness about the issues of homelessness and generating new funds to help make a difference.