Araya-Orta Latin Jazz Quartet October 19th, 2012

Latin Jazz

The Araya-Orta Latin Jazz Quartet is a group formed by two pairs of brothers: Michael Orta (Piano), Nicky Orta (bass), Ramses Araya (percussion) and Carlomagno Araya (drums). The chemistry shown on stage by these four artists is truly outstanding, not only due to their level of musicianship and because they share the same blood, but also because they have a history in music that goes back 20 years.

It was in 1990 when the Orta brothers traveled to Costa Rica to perform at the International Festival of the Arts (FIA). There the Araya brothers joined them to play together for the first time. After that first meeting, Mike and Nicky helped Carlomagno attend the prestigious jazz schools in Miami. Since then, the Arayas and the Ortas have shared a relationship that goes beyond the music. They share a professional rapport and a close friendship that is evident in their music-making. For their official debut, the quartet went back to Costa Rica to perform at the 2010 edition of the same festival they had been a part of 20 years ago.

Together the members of this quartet have an impressive list of touring and recording credits, as well as multiple Grammy winning awards and many Grammy nominations. They have worked with the biggest and most diverse names in the industry such as Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker and Conrad Herwig.

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Araya-Orta Latin Jazz Quartet

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8:00 PM
10:00 PM


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