Dana Paul June 20th, 2014

Dana is not only the singer’s singer – he’s the musician’s singer.  His vocal wizardry and interpretations of the Great American Songbook have made him one of the most talked about performers anywhere.  Academy Award-Winning Actress and Jazz Singer, Cybill Shepherd says of Dana Paul, “I truly believe you are one of the most extraordinary singer/musicians ever!”

This multi-award winning vocalist backed by a hand-selected world class band swings to the greatest classic pop tunes and sensuously weaves his way through the most poignant ballads just as easily as he commands the most demanding cutting edge arrangements.  Dana’s energetic musical style takes his audiences to places that are rare indeed.  Add to this extraordinary talent his wonderful charm and stage presence and it’s easy to see how he immediately makes every audience feel like they are being entertained in the comfort of their own living room.

Dana Paul

Concert Details

10:00 PM


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