KiKi Sanchez Feat. Elaine Hernandez August 15th, 2014

The phenomenally ethnic sounds of the talented Peruvian pianist KIKI SANCHEZ have filled the airwaves with a unique blend of soulful jazz and tropical fusion. Born into the Latin jazz atmosphere, KIKI began his formal education to further his knowledge and training in Peru with Coco Macedo and Edermi Chavez. He became a well-rounded musician by playing with La Peru Salsa All-Stars, Orquesta Majestic (led by his father, Maximo Sanchez) and Anibal Lopez’ La Unica. He traveled to the US, and settled in Miami, where he played with Jazz legends such as Jim Gasior, Cachao, Mike Gerber, Arturo Sandoval, Mike Orta, Eddie, and Barzola’s Oriente who took KIKI SANCHEZ under his wings.  Oriente along with Diana Molinari and Cassandra Hanna polished his classical technique.  KIKI SANCHEZ is honored to receive the CASIO, Japan endorsement for Latin America.  KIKI will showcase all of Casio’s keyboards across Latin America exclusively.
Kiki Sanchez

Cuban-born singer/songwriter Elaine Hernandez is known for her amazing vocals, heartfelt lyrics and hypnotizing stage presence. She can sing a bolero, a guaguanco or timba and it becomes a whole new sound, she infuses her own unique rhythm, soul and style into all the songs. Her most recent single, ‘Besame’ was produced by Grammy winner producer Marlon Rosado. Hernandez has performed in some of the most popular Latin nightclubs and concert venues across the United States and Mexico, such as the Conga Room, Copa Cabana, LA, Roccacapulco, San Francisco, Larios, Cafe Nostalgia, Teatro Blanquita & El Soccallo,Mexico.  Winner of the first People’s Idol competition at Miami’s Calle Ocho Festival and also nominated for EL Idolo del Pueblo (Latin American Idol). Hernandez’ production, ‘Rompiendo el Mito’, includes such ballads as Hold Me-Show Me, Mil Primiveras, and Homenage a Celia–a tribute to the “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz.

KiKi Sanchez Feat. Elaine Hernandez

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8:00 PM
10:00 PM


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