Nicole Yarling July 18th, 2014

Nicole Yarling defies description. Her myriad of personal influences have created a product that begs attention across the board. Her chosen instruments are voice, violin and fiddle (in that order). Nicole is a rich velvet voice with technical skill and personality to boot!  For more than a decade, she has been a part of South Florida’s musical world as a singer and violinist, working in jazz, rock, R and B, experimental music and a few other styles that defy description.  Nicole’s musical excursions have brought about stints with such diverse artists as Dizzy Gillespie and Jimmy Buffet.

Her affiliation with the great jazz singer Joe Williams made her aware of two important things: the importance of preserving the history of Jazz, and mentoring younger musicians. She does this in part, by her affiliations with several prominent organizations like the Gold Coast Jazz Society, WDNA, and the Miami Jazz Co-Op, and by applying her knowledge at Florida Memorial University as an Assistant Professor and Director of Popular Music and at the University of Miami as part of the CAMP (Creative American Music Program). Joe Williams’ torch certainly won’t die out, as it has been graciously passed along to one Nicole Yarling, or as Joe might have said: the “Darling Ms. Yarling.”

Nicole Yarling

Concert Details

10:00 PM


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