Rules & Regulations

Alcohol Policy

The renter assumes all liability for serving and consumption of alcohol. State and local laws apply with regard to alcohol consumption. Renter’s responsible for obtaining any permits or licensed necessary to sell alcohol.

Application / Payment

Reservations are required at least six (6) weeks prior to the event and may be made up to 18 months in advance.
If you are a non-profit, please submit your tax exempt documentation along with your application.

City Rights

The City reserves the right to refuse the use of the Lake Pavilion and may cancel any reservation or event because of activity or content deemed by the City to be inappropriate.


Renter is responsible for the removal of all garbage.  The City provides a trash compactor located outside the catering door on S. Clematis.  Renter is responsible for removal of all non-City equipment (i.e. linens, decor, AV equipment and all personal items).  Renter must also provide their own garbage bags.  Renter will be charged $60.00 (taken from Security Deposit) for standard cleaning of the building (i.e. floors, kitchen & restrooms).  If the building requires additional cleaning, fees will be assessed and charged.


The Lake Pavilion is a magnificent facility with floor to ceiling windows on three sides providing clear views to the City’s waterfront and Palm Beach Island beyond. Affixing any decorations or other decor to the walls, ceiling, or floors of the Lake Pavilion require approval by City staff at least 30 days in advance of the event. If decorations are approved, all decorating and clean-up is the responsibility of the renter. Lit candles, pyrotechnic devices (including fog machines), and bubble machines are not permitted to be used in the Lake Pavilion.

Storage facilities are not available for the Renter’s use.

Fees and Contributions

The sale of goods, services, food or beverage, or charging admission fee must be approved by the Community Events Division. City-sponsored events are exempted from this provision.

Fire Alarm / Sprinkler System

If a Renter or a guest sets off the sprinkler or alarm as a result of inappropriate actions, the Renter may be held responsible for any costs which result.


Gambling is prohibited in the Lake Pavilion, expect as permitted by Florida State Law.

Kitchen Rules

It is the responsibility of the renter to provide their own food preparations, serving dishes, plates, linens, utensils and other items. The kitchen and its contents must be left in the same condition in which it was found. No cooking is permitted inside the Lake Pavilion. Cooking on the Terrace or on other City Property must have prior approval from the Community Events Division.


Two parking spots will be provided to the renter, at no cost during the approved rentals hours, for delivery trucks, catering vans, valet parking services, etc. All vehicles must use metered parking and may not be double parked on the street. Additional parking is available upon request. Please contact the Community Events Division for information and costs associated with reserving parking spots.


The renter is responsible for obtaining all licenses and permits required for the event, including other special event permits or alcohol licenses.


The City and its agents and staff will not be liable should any property belonging to the event organizer and or their event sponsors, vendors or guests be stolen, misplaced or damaged.


No pets are allowed in the Lake Pavilion, except Service animals.


Renter shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, familial status, marital status or sexual orientation in the use of the Lake Pavilion.


In compliance with the Florida Clean Indoor Act Chapter 386.201 F.S., the City of West Palm Beach does not permit smoking within City-owned and operated buildings. Therefore, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the Lake Pavilion and on the adjacent Terrace.


In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, renter agrees not to discriminate on the basis of disability while using City of West Palm Beach facilities. SUPERVISION: Groups composed of youths aged 17 and younger requires adult supervision at a ratio of one (1) adult to every ten (10) youths at all times.

Use of City Commons & Waterfront District

NON-EXCLUSIVE USE of the City Commons and Waterfront district. Other events may simultaneously take place at the Palm, Meyer Amphitheatre, the Landing, Trellises, Water Gardens, Docks, Great Lawn etc., during your actual event time. Note: These areas are public spaces. The general public may walk, picnic, play Frisbee, etc., at all times. Performances may also occur on the Palm and in Centennial Square during your event.

If you wish to include non-exclusive use of the any of these particular areas for your event, a separate fee will be required.

Lake Pavilion Rental Application