Mandel Public Library Meeting Room Application

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Meeting Room Types/Names (more info on the rooms and technical capabilities per room):

Clematis Room: 50 Seat Meeting Room (no tables)
Hibiscus Room: 16-18 seat Conference Room (with tables)
Iris Room: 8-10 Seat Conference Room (with tables)
Auditorium: 156 Seat Auditorium (no tables)

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2 pm-4:45 pm

Mon. – Thu.
6 pm-8:15 pm

(Sunday Only)
1 pm – 4:45 pm

Meeting Room
** please refer to rental rates for time blocks
Will there be any items for sale, charges, fees, donations, or other expenses for attendance or participation? (restrictions, fees and sales tax may apply) YES NO
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Will there be any food items served? (restrictions, fees and sales tax may apply)
If YES, please select type Light refreshments Boxed meals/Party trays Catered
Further explanation/name and contact information of catering company:
The Auditorium, Clematis and Hibiscus rooms are equipped with an LCD projector, screen and built-in speakers which can be used for a rental fee. Will you be using this equipment? (restrictions, fees and sales tax may apply)
Will you need to also rent additional equipment such as a laptop and/or DVD combo for the room?
(restrictions, fees and sales tax may apply)
YES NO   Check one that applies: Laptop DVD Both
If NO, please list any equipment you may be bringing on your own (refer to equipment rental rates)

Will there be any literature or handouts provided at this meeting? If yes, please e-mail documents to and include in the subject line "Your Name/Organization Name/Presentation Documents/Date of Event" i.e., John Doe's/Presentation Documents/May 25, 2011."

If your group would like to know more about the Mandel Public Library, check this box and someone will call you regarding a brief presentation during your meeting time.


All programs and meetings scheduled during library hours shall conclude 15 minutes prior to library closing. Doors to meeting rooms must remain unlocked during public programs allowing for public participation.

Any individual and/or organization distributing materials, showing movies, or performing plays, etc. is required to warrant that it will secure all necessary performance/copyright licenses and indemnify the library for any failure on their part to do so.

The applicant shall be responsible for setting up and the subsequent cleaning of the meeting room after their activities have concluded to its original condition. Any costs incurred in the removal of undisposed food or additional cleaning will result in being charged a cleaning fee and sales tax may apply (more information see rental rates and fees for meeting rooms). Damage to library property or facilities shall be paid for by the organization using such property or facilities.

Applications will be accepted beginning November 15 (for January through April dates) and March 15 (for May through August) and July 15 (for September through December).

* I have read and understand the Mandel Public Library Meeting Room Guidelines as well as the Meeting Room Policies and Regulations and agree to abide by them. Sales tax will be collected. Non-profit groups must provide proof of non-profit status. A copy of a certificate of exemption is also required to wave sales tax.


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