Love E-Gov: E-Government for everyday use

HugThe Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach helps people with online government information and services – or “E-Government” through workshops and daily interactions. Social Security, unemployment, and food assistance are the most common websites we visit, but I bet you didn’t know there is an abundance of government websites that can be useful in our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look.

February brings images of love, hearts & chocolates. How about showing a little love to yourself and the others in your life with a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website? Not only will you find information on healthy living and heart disease, why not send a e-card to that someone special right from the website (really, these exist – I am not kidding). Nothing says “I love you” more than a personalized “Love Your Heart – Stop Smoking” e-card, right? You can check out the whole list of e-cards here.

Thinking about that chocolate I mentioned earlier? Or not trying not to? If you are still tackling that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, visit This site is managed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and provides a comprehensive collection of information, videos, tools and printable materials about nutrition for individuals as well as educators. Looking for ways to help manage your body weight? They have a section designed just for you. Check out the  SuperTracker – this online tool helps you track what you currently eat and drink, gives you a personalized plan for what you should eat and drink, and guides you to make better choices.

Did I say something about tackling? With Super Bowl XLVIII only days away, the CDC also shares some food and safety tips to “Have a Safe and Healthy Super Bowl Celebration” during the big game! You can discover how to “Score Big: Six Game Rules for a Food-Safe Buffet” and even grab their “winning” recipe for fresh salsa!

So, I hope you enjoyed a peek into some of the not-so-mainstream government information available online. Check back to learn more about E-Government for everyday use.

~ Janet Norton, E-Government Librarian

Okay, I posted their recipe here… I really like salsa!

Fresh Salsa

18 fresh Roma tomatoes
1 medium Jalapeno pepper, stem removed
1 small Vidalia onion, peeled
4 tablespoons of cilantro
1 ½ teaspoons of salt
2 tablespoons of fresh garlic
2 ounces of fresh lime juice

1. Wash your hands and clean the cutting board and prep area with soap and water.
2. Rinse the tomatoes, Jalapeno pepper, and cilantro under running water.
3. Chop up the tomatoes into small pieces.
4. Finely dice the onion, Jalapeno pepper, and garlic.
5. Slice the cilantro into small pieces.
6. Combine all ingredients (don’t forget the garlic and lime juice!) into a bowl and refrigerate until serving time.
7. Enjoy!