E-Gov for Everyone: School Supplies

School Supplies 3In Florida, most of us with children will be getting ready for the back to school season at the end of the month. In addition to purchasing books, backpacks, and binders, there are other “supplies” you might need before school starts. Where’s my child’s bus stop? Does my child have the proper vaccinations? Is there any school work that needs to be completed this summer? Answers to these questions can be found online through a variety of government websites.

How about vaccinations? No shots, no school, no kidding! Don’t wait for the last minute to take care of immunizations. You can find a list of the current vaccine requirements and links for many other resources through Floridahealth.gov. Ask your child’s doctor to enroll in the Florida Shots program to make access to your child’s immunization records more convenient. A schedule for the Palm Beach County Immunization Van and locations of the local health centers can be found through the Florida Health Palm Beach County webpage for those looking for no cost immunization services.

The School District of Palm Beach County recently updated their website, so you might want to reacquaint yourself with it. My first stop is always the school calendar – you can find this link right on the top of the webpage – school starts on August 18th this year. Information on most Palm Beach County schools such as address, phone number, email, webpage link, admin and more can be found by clicking on the “Schools” tab (no direct link available) and selecting your school from the drop-down menu – most schools will put their summer assignment requirements online, so this quick link to their info and website might come in handy. Bus stops and transportation information is another important piece of the back-to-school prep. Fall bus routes will be posted on August 5, according to the website. You can also try out the mobile-friendly Find My Bus Stop site for an interactive map of school bus stops.

Of course, there still is the shopping for the books, backpacks and binders. Don’t forget that this is tax-free shopping weekend, August 1 – August 3, 2014. A printable list of tax exempt items can be found here – provided by the Florida Department of Revenue.

The best back-to-school item any student can have is a library card! Your card provides access to FREE resources for language learning, research, internet access and more – essential tools for successful school year!

 ~ Janet Norton, E-Government Librarian