City Hotline

Whether there’s a pothole on your street, you notice a traffic signal that’s not working or you want to find out about an upcoming band at Clematis by Night, there is one number to call:

(561) 822-2222

This 24-hour a day, seven day a week hotline is available for all your non-emergency needs and concerns. City of West Palm Beach workers will take your call and then take action to get you what you need.

With this one, convenient number, there’s no more wondering who to call or where to turn when you need something from the City of West Palm Beach. 822-2222 is easy to remember, but if you program it in to your cell phone’s speed dial it’s even easier to use!

So give us a call when you see something that needs fixing or something that can be improved. And if it’s easier for you to type us a note than to call, then you can always drop us an email at

Remember: ALWAYS call 911 for emergencies.

In an effort to provide an additional method of communication with the City, we are offering ACTion! On-line Community Complaint Tracking System as a service to the public. If you live, work, or are visiting West Palm Beach and notice a problem, please use our ACTion website to notify us. To initiate a complaint, simply complete the registration and provide details in the information boxes. When you hit the “SUBMIT” button your report will automatically be sent to the appropriate City department for action.

Thank you for taking the time to assist us in maintaining our City. Together we make West Palm Beach a great community in which to live, work and visit.

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The City has developed procedures for implementing a civil rights program through City Policy 4-2, Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”), and through the City’s Title VI complaint procedures which comply with federal grant assistance requirements. The EEO policy and attendant reporting form are attached below as Title VI Complaint Procedures. The City’s Title VI complaint procedures, complaint form and notice, are all available in bilingual format, and are also attached below as Complaint Form – Bilingual (English & Español).

The City’s policies, procedures, rules, regulations and guidelines are available to all employees. The policies are introduced to employees during the new hire orientation process, through training or through their departments. The policies are available to all employees via Lotus Notes, the City’s email and Bulletin Board systems, or alternate departmental systems. Policies are also posted at the City’s facilities, and employees who do not have access to Lotus Notes may obtain the policies from their department’s Time Entry Clerk (TEC), supervisor, department manager or the Human Resources Department. Additionally, policy reminders are sent out City-wide when necessary to remind employees of the City’s policies. All policies are available in printed copy or in electronic formats. Additionally, employees are encouraged to speak to Human Resources directly regarding policies and procedures, utilizing the Human Resources open door policy and its EEO compliance officers. The Title VI complaint procedures and notice are disseminated for City contracts involving federal assistance grants; the Title VI complaint form is available below.

Title VI Complaint Procedures – In English pdf
Title VI Complaint Procedures – En Español pdf
Complaint Form – Bilingual (English & Español) pdf


Department Phone (561)
Administration/Mayor’s Office 822-1400
Building Division – for Permits 805-6700
City Clerk – for Public Records 822-1210
City Hall Main Number 822-1200
Code Compliance – for Violations 822-1465
Commission Office 822-1390
Community Events – for Events 822-1515
Economic Development – for Help 822-1250
Community Development – for Help 822-1250
Human Resources Job Line 494-1001
Library – for Renewing/Reserving 868-7700
Parks Maintenance – for Park Issues 822-2150
Parks & Recreation – for Sports 804-4900
Police Non-Emergency 822-1900
Sanitation – for Garbage Service 494-1040
Water Drainage – for Overflows 494-1040
Street Lights – for Down Lights 822-2085
Street Maintenance 822-2085
Utilities Customer Service – for Bills 822-1300
Utilities Emergency – for Issues 822-2210
Vicker’s House – for Family Services 804-4975