The Mission of the City of West Palm Beach

To protect and enhance the quality of life through providing efficient and effective customer-focused services.

The City’s Vision
West Palm Beach will be a vibrant, attractive and safe City recognized as a model community which:

  • Takes pride in history, diversity and environment
  • Promotes and enjoys community respect, pride and cooperation
  • Provides visionary and creative governmental leadership
  • Is a celebrated cultural and recreational destination
  • Values its public employees and recognizes their achievements

The Core Values

Integrity:    Demonstrating the highest moral and ethical conduct with a sense of fairness.
Respect:    Treating every individual with dignity.
Leadership:    Individuals setting and promoting standards of excellence.
Cooperation:    Working together for the benefit of the whole regardless of differences.
Collaboration:    Developing mutually productive relationships where there are opportunities.
Customer Service:    Developing an organizational culture that provides a quality employee experience that translates into quality customer service.

The Strategic Priorities of the City of West Palm Beach

1) Promote a Safe and Secure Community.

  • Better deploy existing personnel to increase police presence City-wide.
  • Maintain clean, well-lighted streets and parks and properly maintained sidewalks and infrastructures.
  • Educate and train residents in neighborhood watches and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).
  • Promote safe driving conditions through proper signage and improved signalization.
  • Build stronger relationships between the Police and neighborhoods through community meetings and improved access.
  • Enhance quality of life through active code enforcement and nuisance abatement laws.

2) Engage citizens through the provision of exceptional customer service and systems focused on increasing positive citizen, neighborhood and government interaction.

  • Keep citizens well informed through all modern and traditional forms of communication recognizing our diversity.
  • Encourage citizen volunteerism through participation on boards and committees and service to the City.
  • Maintain current information on all our modes of communication (phones, website, twitter, Facebook).
  • Encourage citizens to help us maintain our good quality of life by reporting incidents to the City’s hot-line 822-2222 and informing citizens of continued progress.
  • Create a program to recognize, welcome and educate all new residents to the City.

3) Promote & Provide opportunities for Youth, Family & Community.

  • Encourage a highly educated citizenry by establishing and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with educational institutions, businesses and community.
  • Provide opportunities for Senior Citizens to participate in the community.
  • Build a sense of community within and across neighborhoods.
  • Promote neighborhood activities e.g. block parties, walking tours.

4) Enhance Fiscal Stability without Sacrificing Quality of Service.

  • Establish a long-term plan; positioning the City to readily respond and adapt to changing economic conditions.
  • Maintain sound fiscal policies to ensure sufficient fund balances and reserves.
  • Work with neighborhood groups and staff to identify new or increased revenue sources.
  • Collaborate with neighborhood groups to prioritize and align service delivery with budgets.

5) Develop an economic development plan to encourage and attract commercial and residential investment.

  • Develop a brand and marketing strategy.
  • Develop a portfolio of incentives to attract businesses with an aggressive marketing plan.
  • Bring 100 new jobs to West Palm Beach.
  • Establish a collaborative relationship with the BDB, Chambers of Commerce, the Economic Council, Development Services, Planning & Zoning and business leaders in the city.

6) Promote a Positive Work Environment.

  • Provide time during Commission meetings to recognize departments and individuals for their contributions to the City.
  • Hold informal meetings with a cross section of employees with the Mayor to recognize performance, identify ways to improve services, gain efficiencies, and enhance morale.
  • Mayor and senior management continue to visit employees at their place of work.
  • Provide press releases for positive communications with citizens regarding new innovations, service improvements, completed major projects, current events and programs.