Downloadable Music and Books


Please click on image above to download best-selling eBooks for use on your home PC or a portable device. A Library Card number and PIN are required to register for an OverDrive® account.

If you have recently had an issue accessing Overdrive from your ereader, phone or computer, the issue has been fixed on the Overdrive side. There are still some steps you must take to access Overdrive once again.

iPhones, iPads and Macbooks: You will need to delete and reinstall the Overdrive app.

Android phones and devices: It is necessary to go into your application settings and clear the data. You may also have to empty the cache.

Windows computers: It is necessary to go into your settings in your internet browser and clear the history. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and “Delete browsing history”.

If you continue to have problems, please contact library staff by clicking here or calling 561-868-7701.



Please click on image above to download music from Freegal, a service which provides access to the catalog of artists in Sony Music Entertainment. Library cardholders can download five songs a week when they log in with their barcode and pin number. Freegal works with any MP3 device, including iPods. Freegal can also be used on your phone! Mobile Apps are available in the Apple App Store for iphones and the Google Play Store for Android-based phones