West Palm Beach Newsroom

swearing in2 NEW VIDEO: New Leadership Team Joins New Chief at WPB Police

New members of the leadership team at the WPB PD.

IMG_1869-2 City Knocks Down Golf Clubhouse

The decision to demolish the building followed inspections that indicated the conditions inside the building were unsafe.

bway NEW VIDEO – New State Budget Includes Help For Broadway

Hundreds of thousands in state funds will translate to one million dollars for Broadway.

IMG_1865-3 Commission: Too Early to See Plans For Two New 30-Story Towers

City: Need to discuss general idea of taller buildings before seeing any specific site plans.

Clematis Street-2 Only If Good For Biz, Mayor OK with Pedestrian Clematis Test

“I think looking at trying it at little or no expense is a way to go.” – Mayor Muoio

property values West Palm Beach Property Values Up Again – Mayor Reacts

Mayor urges restraint, and repeats her budget priorities.

100_0705-2 Walkability Suggestions: Cut Lane Sizes, Change Street Directions

Walkability expert presents research findings to City.