West Palm Beach Newsroom

CRA Logo2 New effort to rezone Broadway begins

Bad zoning rules are set to be changed.

take 5 City releases phone survey questions

The survey results should be completed by the end of the summer.

2 - 1 (12) Report of ECR plant railing raises questions

Why were employees in an area that is no longer part of their work day?

take 5 WPB Needs You to ‘Take 5!’

The City of West Palm Beach is calling you!

cops on clematis City announces more visible downtown police patrols

It’s actually not MORE officers. But it’s officers that are more visible than before.

CBS-12-NEWS-LOGO1 Did CBS-12 intentionally mislead its viewers?

Did CBS 12 intentionally ignore the facts?

Listen Major financial corporate HQ set to relocate to WPB

Only $70,000 and getting 100 jobs and a high profile financial corporate headquarters!