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New Parking Meters


Credit-card Enabled Single-Space Parking Meter

The World’s Most Advanced Single-Space Parking Meter

IPS Group, Inc. provides customers and their patrons with an intuitive and convenient parking experience which is more cost effective, customer friendly, and reliable than alternatives. The patented IPS solution retrofits into current on-street parking meter housings, and offers multiple payment options (coins, credit/debit card, pay-by-phone. The IPS single-space parking meter boasts unparalleled power efficiency and utilizes solar-power technology. Each meter is wirelessly networked to a state-of-the-art Data Management System which provides customers with a wealth of real-time data.

New on Street Parking Permit Program

 Starting June 1st

You now have the ability to purchase and renew your parking permit online. In addition to renewing your existing permit via our web site you may also update your account online. You can update your license plate number, change your credit card and edit personal information via your computer.

Starting May 15th you will be able to register for your June 1st.  permit!