Development Services Planning Division

Our Mission

The mission of the Planning Division is to steer the City toward a sustainable, livable, and economically successful future through every means available to it. The Planning Division provides for the comprehensive review and approval of all development within the City of West Palm Beach. In addition, the Division is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of all construction codes, occupational licensing, current and long range land use planning, neighborhood revitalization, downtown redevelopment, historic preservation, and annexation.

Summary of Services

Reporting to the City Administrator and the Mayor, the Planning Division is responsible for the implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the enforcement of the Downtown Master Plan, Historic Preservation Ordinance [see Ch. 94, Article II, Sec. 94-46], and Zoning Codes [see Ch. 94]. The Division also strives to maintain positive working relationships with the City’s residents, the general public, and the development community, as well as with the State, regional governmental agencies and the County. To fulfill the mission stated above, the Division takes a pro-active role in changing codes, regulations, practices, etc. so that development occurs in a manner consistent with the City’s vision of a sustainable community.