Comprehensive Plan

Pursuant to Chapter 163, Part 2, Florida Statutes, the State of Florida requires all local governments to prepare and maintain a long-range comprehensive plan that will guide future growth and development. The Comprehensive Plan is a document that lists the goals and objectives of the City and states the policies that direct the City’s programs, budgets, and decisions. It is a living document designed to provide some certainty in the development of the City and to respond to changes identified, in large part, through a periodic evaluation of the plan. The comprehensive planning process requires the City to monitor various community characteristics related to population growth and land development, public services and facilities, and environmental resources management.

Notice of Intent

Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Docket No. 10-1-NOI-5038-(A)-(I)

The City’s Comprehensive Plan contains the following 13 elements:

The City’s Comprehensive Plan contains the following Map Series Maps: